We called while you were out.

Please call this number to reschedule your delivery or make arrangements to uplift your item from our depot.
Aye, thanks for that.

The kit we see on here is normally sporadic in its appearance, but the last couple of weeks have seen courier vans blocking in the neighbours cars much more frequently. This is what happens when a review gets properly organised by someone else and deadlines are factored in. That’s for elsewhere and later on though.

I’m quite excited about some other stuff that’s here and that’s coming in soon too. But after the Páramo Velez photie nadir below, it’s action shots or die trying for this lot. I’ve got a backlog of kit, trips and missed opportunities to make up for. The last few weeks have been hit and miss one way or another.
So, I’ve got Tracklogs open, and there’s all sorts of good stuff to explore starting just a wee bit North of where I’m sitting. I’ll go and have a wee look at the weekend. With a tent an’ that.

4 thoughts on “We called while you were out.”

  1. I’m just glad you posted something else, so I don’t have to keep looking at that Páramo wearing cynic with the sceptical look on his face anymore.

  2. ohh shiny new gear….lucky you…although ive just accidently bought a new tent lol

    how you getting on with tracklogs? im still using it all of the time….was it you that recomended it to me?

  3. New things are good, heading to the hills is better :o) As is not seeing my grinning coupon at the top of the page in large size.

    Moggy I can’t remember if it was me that said to you, or if it was you that said to me about Tracklogs ?!
    It’s the business whatever and definitely recommended.

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