Waving a hand over the parapet

Still here, just in the midst of summer maintenance contracts and other items various. Doing some work at the Bontempi this morning, so as I’m empty some old files onto the remote hard drive to make room I thought I’d stick some of it on here to take the abandoned look off the place. For the final time it’s Heather, Derek, Ben and rather fleetingly me too.

Will I ever clear the backlog now? What the hell, coming soon: stuff, things and Denise Van Outen.


3 thoughts on “Waving a hand over the parapet”

  1. Items various for me is working away full time for the first time in many a long year, so this reminder of many happy days out and about is much appreciated!
    Should be finished on site by September so I might be back in circulation then…

  2. **waves back***

    Lovely photies chief. Reminds me of the days before the rains came….

    I must get back to the Ben soon. Maybe the Nevis meet you suggested could be a goer?

  3. Ah, the pace and content of life, never a predictable parameter.

    Nevis is my best friend again, happy to go back.

    Given some more even tempered weather.

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