How the hell did it get to be Wednesday?
I’m afraid I must ask you all to turn out your pockets and female members of staff will also inspect all handbags. No one will be allowed to leave until at least Tuesday has been found.
I’ve also got a damned good idea which one of those shifty looking bastards at the back has Monday hidden in the lining of their gabardine overcoat.

8 thoughts on “Waterflake”

  1. So unexpected too, I’m always wanting the glorious skies when I’m on the tops, but I don’t think the view suffered from its lowly altitude :o)

    By the way, Waterflake came from Holly, she stuck blue tissue paper and whatnot on her picture and declared them to be “waterflakes” :o)

    All the post titles come from somewhere.

  2. I get an error when trying to comment on 1412, might be because the title is just a number.

    Just wanted to say that when you mentioned Fionn Loch in a previous post, I thought you were talking about the Fionn Loch at NC130173 which is further North near Assynt. I didn’t expect there to be two of them.

    Looks amazing around there and so I’ll have to spend some time there soon :)

  3. Don’t know what the hell was wrong with it, I cut and pasted the whole thing into a new post. Is that blogging equivalent of switching it off and on again?

    Thanks for the heads-up!

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