Watch your feet

We went for a bimble in the Kilpatricks. That was the plan, but it turned out to be a 7 hour extravaganza as we explored and zigzaged over the assorted tops, through the assembled bogs, across the heathery moorland and finally along the viewsome Lang Craigs above Dumbarton.
The weather was changeable, from a light shower with sunny spells, we had some strong winds and eventually the cloud descended and sat there like a fat man with a carry out and the remote control.

There were cuppas, munchies, banter and joy in abundance. The occasionally gloomy weather above and occasionally difficult conditions underfoot meant that often our gaze was caught not by the view, but by the wee stuff below and sideways.

We had frogs, beasties, flooers, sheep with a local accent and fungi in abundance.

The most amazing sight was the caterpillar being ridden by an ant. We suspect that the ant gives direction and stop/start signals by twanging the big hairs on the caterpillar’s back, but there was no way to be sure, given the obvious language barrier.

We found this Zygon, obviously left behind from a scouting mision.

In the fringes of the trees we kept seeing flashes of colour, all the fairy toadstools are bright and bushy tailed. The fairies will be happy about their business with such a nice place to play.

They’re all sizes, shapes and colours.





These three specimens are very common of course. Left to right: Me, Sandy and Elaina (who stayed remarkably upright despite several previous notable arse-to-ground accidental interfaces). Magic day.

16 thoughts on “Watch your feet”

  1. Take time to stop and look and nature has a rich reward to offer. Sometimes the best things we see out in the hills ain’t up high – your photos tell that more than a thousand words could.

  2. Ella’s obviously key to this adventure. Let Ella speak! We want to hear Ella’s Version.

    And, (is a comma allowed here?) is her arse up to the challenge, after it’s bruising encounters with nature?

  3. PTC,

    He wont sleep until he hears Ella’s side of the tale. Sounds a good tale in truth…it is not very gentlemanly to ask about a lady’s mishaps, but he asked.

  4. Right. That’s it. I demand that you camp outside CMcNs hoose until he gies you a joab with TGO. Two page spread, monthly basis. Of a’ the wideoes who get out there more often than I do, clearly having much more fun than I do, seeing cloud inversions left, right and centre, you’re the one that inspires me the most.

    I lifted Trail today in Asda and had a flick through, but given my subscription to TGO already, I cannae justify two outdoor mags per month. Lightweight guru, blah blah blah, the fact is, you’re more than that. Yes, your gear insight is invaluable, but your enthusiasm is the reason this blog remains on my Google Reader subscriptions.

    Disclaimer: I’m a wee bit pished.

    P.P.S. Nobody should ever bimble, daunnering is just fine. Bimble just sounds too jaunty.

    Over and out. V.

  5. vorlich, you’re very kind indeed, a wee bit pished or no’.

    It’s true what you say, the lightweight angle is just a tool to make getting all the fun stuff in the mountains easier and more accessible. It’s not about the gear, it’s about the big bloody grin.
    I wish I could make that more obvious in the mag.

  6. You need to get some piccies into your Trail column… Actually it should be a proper article. Maybe we should start a campaign. ‘PTC* for pres^h^h^h^h article writer!’. That should do it.

  7. Here here, to all comments above. Don’t think you could do much more with the space you are given, we’re just lucky you decide to blog.

  8. A job with tgo? You’d have to stop making catty comments about a certain outdoor writer who advocates leaving gloves behind and using spare socks instead ;-)

  9. Socks for gloves… had to do that recently in Moffat….ask Mad Jim ;0)

    T’was a guid day oot yeserday ;0)

  10. Ella speaks

    Thank you all for wanting to hear my tale of oor wee wander :)

    Twas a grand day oot indeed with so much to keep us amused both in terrain and nature.

    Yes tis true, I have previous for the art of arse planting and usually in dramatic fashion. It be due to that magnet that must be attached to my posterior , yes that’s what makes my bum look big ;) It must have been the good company that I was in that ensured the magnet didnae work – boys I shall be going out in the hills with you more often :)

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