14 thoughts on “Watch out for that guyline…”

  1. Was that a brace of MSR hubby type things being tested?…

    …with additional LOW-VIZ guy lines provided by the tester :-)

  2. Kate, oddly enough the trip seemed to improve the ears?!

    Chris, very windy indeed, it was 1degC when the sun was away, it was bloody freezing in that wind.

    David, well spotted. The Hubba HP (current spec) and the Carbon Reflex got their first outing, it was interesting stuff, I’ll write it up over the next few days.

    Purple, red and yellow guys and I still went on my tits.

  3. That would have been nasty. I heard you laughing on the video, so I reckoned you were OK. It’s nice to know I’m not the only person who trips over obvious obstacles :o)

  4. As daft and as unscientific as it may be, yes. “Going over on my ankle” doesn’t happen in trail shoes, I can catch slips and trips, botts just dull my senses :o0

  5. thank you, just what I needed to hear! Just been having a bit of an argument on this very subject, (I’m of the mind that trail shoes are safer as they allow you to adapt to a fall quicker, and they are of the oppinion that your less likely to go over in boots)
    having done exactly the same routes in boots and trail shoes, trail shoes aways felt safer!

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