Velvet jacket from the attic

Holly was doing a little dance in the porch this morning. obviously pleased about something on her way to nursery. As she skipped down the stairs she started singing at the top of her voice… “Ah ah Aaaahhhhh Aaaaahhhhhhhh! Ah ah Aaaahhhhh Aaaaahhhhhhhh! We come from the land of the ice and snow, hmmm hmm hmmm… ice and snow…. ” 
A three year old giving a fine rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song at 0830 is both a joy and entirely bizarre. I was so pleased I brought a triceratops home as a surprise.

19 thoughts on “Velvet jacket from the attic”

  1. Oh that’s class! I’ve been saying to my pregnant partner that we need to play Jimi and Led Zep to our unborn baby, whilst it’s still happily swimming in the womb… :-D

  2. I teach guitar for a living and once had a 5 year old ask for Stairway! Your daughter’s got that beat though. Flawless parenting, well done.

  3. I fear I must share the fact my son was ‘taught’ Agadoo at nursery today!

    Not even three and his life is ruined…

  4. Just want to point out that you actually know what guitar the bloke from Black Lace played – nuff said.

  5. In my defence I did have to google it to find out just what guitar it was, I just remembered it had some pointiness about it :o)

  6. Lets hope so!

    I’m going to try a day of tales of mariners and jesters and see what happens.

    BTW get well soon – we’ve all had ‘it’ and it’s rubbish…

  7. Another day on the couch just to make sure I think. I should be in Fisherfield, but the weather isn’t playing so it’s kinda worked out.
    Currently watching Peter Cushing doing his wacky version of Doctor Who on “Watch” (where do they get these lame channel names?) and then Monaco GP qualifying.
    While a helicopter circles outside. Hush out there.

  8. You’re better off on the couch.
    I came back yesterday from an aborted circuit of the Mullardoch hills/sgurr nan ceathreamhnan/Affric hills.
    Horrendous weather. Watched a Hilleberg Kaitum take off and land in a lochan. Descended a couple of hundred metres and all three tents (Hilleberg Akto and Lightwave T0 trek as well) survived the night rather better than the occupants.
    As the forecast for the tops on Sunday was 80mmph winds and the snow was down to 700 metres a retreat was called for.

  9. Aye, sod that. The end of next week is looking decent right now, so Fisherfiled can wait.

    Those hill names brought me memories by the way!

  10. A three year old singing Led Zeppelin… there may be hope for the human race after all…

    She has good taste for sure, a triceratops is the least she deserves B-)

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