I always wanted a white Flying V with a white headstock. It’s an ’80s metal thing, mostly because of Accept, they were tripping over all-white vees on stage. But, they’re hard to get and Gibson have only made black-faced headstock models since the early 80’s, unless you want to pay $5000 for a custom shop affair.
Bless the Japanese, international patents and copyrights have no power in their domestic market, so they make replicas and sell them while sticking two fingers up at the owners of the names of the original brand (Gibson and Fender are just logos remember, the heritage is entirely illusory).
So, this very day arrived a 1979 Gibson Block-Marker Flying V, made in Japan last year.
Took it to the studio tonight, tuned it and plugged it in for the first time. Consequently, I was grinning like a mentalist for the whole night. 30 years too late I’ve got just what I’ve always wanted.

20 thoughts on “Vee”

  1. love it man, all thats lacking is a bit of fur..can you spin it round zz top style too?

    just got bk from 3 wks in the pyrenees. those fizan compact walking poles are just awesome, cheers for the recommendation. why bother with anything heavier?

    is this band of yours going to do afew gigs? i’d be up for it. how about the clachaig inn.

  2. Glad you had a great time, glad the poles lasted the distance too!

    We don’t seem to get on with bass players very well, so I think we’ll be eternally limited to the studio. Still, should have an ep of sorts done for the end of the year. It’s definitely not lightweight :o)

  3. i must admit when i first got the poles i thought they overgrown chopsticks but they are small but super tough (a danger mouse of poles!). there was alot of snow still around and those with khatoola micro spikes(which are quite useless in slushy snow but better than nowt)got me over a few tricky sections.
    oh, i dropped my lx3 on slate slab floor half way through. she’s well dead! i still have to muster the courage up to send it back. It wont be cheap i know that much..

  4. Cool geetar! Never mind the sore knees, you’re going to have a sore back standing with that thing strapped to you. I’m telling you, you need a gimmick. A wee seat by the speaker. Now when are you getting that exclusive ‘real indian long hair’ wig delivered from the Japanese? :o)

  5. Here, I started on the glucosamine yesterday, I’ll be leaping around like an olympic high-jumper in, er my imagination.

  6. When I read ‘Flying V with a white headstock’, I thought it was some kind of sting-ray type fish that jumps out of the ocean.

  7. just phoned up panasonic repairs. probably around 200 for a new lens… a new lx3 at the mo is 300.

    theres also a rumour that the new lx4 is about to be showcased the end of july. better zoom – bigger sensor. problem with waiting for that is the prices are always over the top for the first few months.

    wot to do!

  8. How can you have a flying v and not strike a rock star pose.That must have taken some control.
    I’d forgotten all about Accept, must raid spotify.

  9. Kate, that just makes me think of those slow-mo sharks eating the seals in mid-air.

    LX4? Oh now…

    Coops, my hair is increasingly similar to Satriani’s!

    Pat, they were the first band I saw, supporting Judas Priest a million years ago. Still on my iPod today :o)

  10. Very brave of Judas Priest to take on Accept as a support, bet that was a cracker of a gig.
    Tommy Vance used to play them a bit, one of the few bands I rushed out the next day to buy their albums, lost me with BTTW though.
    Are we going to get to hear this ep when it’s finished ? I check your myspace page every so often to see if you’ve put anything newish up.I think you mentioned it about a year or so ago.

  11. It was a great night, Priest were brilliant too. ’81 it was at the Apollo.
    Accept were patchy from BTTW onwards right enough, and don’t buy the new comeback single…

    We had a bit of rehearsal gap, and then RedEye took out all the recording equipment! So, it’s plan B. We’ll do one tune next month in Maryhill, see how it goes and try and get another two done as time and funds allow. The annoying thing is the first song is totally ready to go, and if we don’t record it soon we’re going to kill it in rehearsal.

  12. First gigs eh? That sounds not a bad one. Mine was Rainbow in ’81, so Rose Tattoo were the first band I watched. Mortified when they became famous for that love song in neighbors!

  13. Rose Tattoo, that takes me back. Angry Anderson, he had a look way ahead of his time that boy.

    …on a one way track and you’re not coming back, ‘cos the killer’s, ‘cos the killer’s, on ze attack!

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