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Sometimes it pays to hang back a little, a year after I first spoke about it and after some apologies to Vaude UK, in for test is Vaude’s Power Lizard UL , in the rather lovely Saffron orange.
The Power Lizard made as much an impact as was predicted, and comparing this tent to others is one of the most frequent queries I get through the contact form, so I’m glad to be able to do that now. Well, soon enough anyway.

I’ve tested Vaude before, it’s quality kit, the construction and detailing, componentry and performance are always top notch. But the porch areas are something that haven’t worked for me, too small, and after using so many side entry tents over the past few years, crawling in and out over your cooking gear loses it’s attraction. So, the Power Lizard lets me access all the positives that Vaude presents, but with some bonus extras.
I won’t pitch this until it’s on a mountain, the best first-test for a tent I can think of, but looking over it now I see that it’s well made and the packsize is pretty small when you take out the poles and pegs. Those pegs are old-school crook shaped titanium pegs which I’ll happily be using.
Pitching instructions are attached to the stuffsack which will be handy on trip #1.

So, worth the wait? We’ll see on the next overnighter.
Just a thought, how good will this look pitched on snow…

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  1. The thing is, everything is perfect for someone. Feedback versus sales? I don’t think they care about ebay resales, and that’s probably one of the best gauges of product success, frequecy of listing and resale price.

    There are compromises in a many tents, size, components, weight. But compromise cuts two ways, one is to hit a price point or a weight, the other is to hone a product to it’s bare funtionality.
    You can tell the difference bertween both types when you’re sitting in it in varying degrees of discomfort, but the “cut-corner” definitely annoys more :o)

    Should be in the Lizard in a few days, so I’ll have something more usful to add I hope.

  2. “Should be in the Lizard in a few days, so I’ll have something more usful to add I hope”

    hehe! That does not sound right at all! (speaking from the perspective of a zoology student), I don’t think anyones done research into what it is like living in Godzilla ;) so defently be intresting to hear the results :D

  3. Hmm, the cleaner image it conjours up is something similar to Luke Skywalker using a tauntaun as a sleeping bag until Han could get the shelter built.

  4. It’s a shame PHD can’t deliver to whatever galaxy they are in, I’m sure they’d be more comfortable in one of their down suits.

    Back on topic, but not the chocolate bar.

    Look forward to that review, hope conditions are good for testing.

  5. “I bet if I sat on top of this it’ll take my weight”.

    I ince saw that being tried, relatively unsuccesfully, on an a Vango Hurrican tunnel…

    …with the owner inside.

    As the old Highland saying goes, ‘drink had been taken’.

    Am I right in thinking that the Hubba HP has two guy points low down at either end? Thinking of trading the …ehem… Akto in for one.

  6. Jeez man, having some of the pish I write on here?

    I think you’re right about the ends of the tent. I remember the pole having horizontal hubbed sections to give the end shape.
    I’ll away and look for a photie.

    Aye, don’t need that Akto…

  7. Well having been a “lurker” on here for some time I thought that I’d better “jine up”………especially as I’m wanting something:)

    Have I missed the review of the Power Lizard or hasn’t it met the ground yet?

    The ulterior motive is, of course, that I’m thinking of buying said item. I’ve read all the blogs, reviews & whatever……….nae help………just got me confused.
    Having ascertained that the perfect tent doesn’t exist it’s down to the Lizard & the Laser Comp 2.

    Hubba HP, Superlite Voyager, Fly Creek 2 considered but too much mesh. Others (Too numerous to mention) considered but rejected for various reasons.

    So any advice……….Oh yes it’s to sleep two (self + better half (very occasionally) or one + one large husky.

    By the way I do like the blog apart from it’s unfortunate tendency to get me to spend money on the don’t have it…….must get it basis :):):)

  8. Cotswold outdoor stock this tent I’d recommend taking your standard sleep mat, and sleeping bag and a 60l rucksack fully stuffed to simulate the husky it should give you a reasonable guide to the size ;)

    Are you carrying everything when taking the dog? or do you split the load?

  9. Thanks but unfortunately Cotswolds are a very long ways away but I’ve a fair idea what will fit from the respective floor plans.

    Husky unfortunately carries nowt. To be fair we’d only probably do a two day backpack as she does chomp through 300 grammes per day plus she’s on medication.

    Not sure if this will work but as you can see (hopefully) from the photo you’ll note that she likes sharing my sleeping bag anyway !! Less room needed.

  10. Did I not do an update on the Power Lizard? Bugger. I did a wee bit on it for Trail and meant to elaborate on here. My admin is never the best…

    Quick version then, plenty of room inside, actually too much for one when you’re used to small tents, feels like sleeping in the village hall :o)
    Small porches are a Vaude thing unfortunately, but the Power Lizard is okay, a dog and two folks plus their gear though? It’ll work, but it’ll be tight, gear stacked at one side, dug sleeping at the other.
    It’s such a well-made tent, packs small, it’s good kit. My only issue is the guying arrangement at the ends, but it’s an easy fix for me to get it how I want it and other folks seem to like it.

    Some shots of mine here and in a few posts after it

  11. Thanks. Looks like credit card bashing time then.

    As regards “My only issue is the guying arrangement at the ends, but it’s an easy fix for me to get it how I want it” do I detect a slight modification perhaps or even an improvement………….would be interested to know.

  12. It’s on the to-do list!
    Basically I’m going to seprate the out the guys as they’re in an all-in-one arrangement, makes sense when you see it.

  13. Well the deed is done. The Power Lizard (Thinks…….just who dreams up these names……..better than scrotum I suppose) arrived today. Managed to erect it in the back garden. I think that it’s going to take me a wee while to get used to the lightness of the thing & just how thin the fabric is. First impressions are good although getting everything reasonably tight without bursting the zip seems to be a bit of an art.

    Doubt if the “floor” is husky claw proof & might have to resort to some thin Karrimat.

    As it’s the midge season then it’ll probably be late September before I use it :) :) :)

  14. Ha, that new tent smell!

    Pitching tales a few goes, I had that zip stretching thing too. You’ll dial it in.

    Today is the day to be taking it out!

  15. Green – green – green tents everywhere!!! I want an orange power lizard!

    No.. I NEED an orange power lizard!

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