There hasn’t been too much Vango or Force10 on here over the years, which is perhaps a little strange given that I can see their offices from my window. However, that’s now sorted, I was over at their place today to say hello, look at some kit and bring back some samples to review.

I was nearly away with Force10 Argon 200 above, but I’m needing a 1-person for the next couple of trips so I’ve got a Force10 Helium Carbon 100 instead. It’s a tent that ticks many boxes looking at it, so I’m optimistic that it’s a step forward from the older Helium. We’ll see shortly, I’m packing for Assynt tomorrow. 
I’ll come back to the Argon in a wee while, it looks good. Light fabrics, a strong, hubbed 3-pole design and lots of room inside with a porch to match it.

There’s a whole bunch of varied stuff on the way, both Vango and F10 seem to be picking up the pace which is nice to see. Another thing that caught my eye were the new dry packs which come in various sizes with the Dry 20 is below. It’s a neat design, looks about perfect for commuters as well as outdoor folks who want dry kit at the end of the day. Ice axes and poles are welcome here and the harness is properly done, no tokenistic affair.

More to come as I use it, as well as the Helium I’ve got a pack and some other bits and pieces to get to grips with. And a lot of it is bright orange. Alright!

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  1. Aye, they’re getting it right it a big way and that’s good to see in a UK company. I’ve been using the Nitro Lite recently and I really like it. Happy trails in Assynt fella, I’ll be looking forward to seeing that write up.

  2. Spooky – After about 3 years of prevaricating over a new 1 man tent, I bought a Helium Carbon 100 three weeks ago!

    TerryBnd reviewed the ‘full fat’ version, but the carbon seems to have flown under the Bloggosphere radar (not American or Terra Novan enough?). For me, it ticked more boxes than anything else and it just looks ‘right'(hard to explain – personal aesthetics and all that). It also seems to have a wee bit more room for the taller gentleman. Even with some sensible pegs, it is still sits under a kilo. What’s not to like.

    So far – I’ve only had it up in the garden. It looks cracking but flysheets not the easiest to get taught (could be tiresome, if not impossible, on uneven ground) and it will flap for Scotland. I was worried about the ‘square carbon’ pole, but the stress-able corner bits are alloy and the pole will be braced between the tension bands and guylines – so it’ll ne fine. So as you can tell, I’m fair chuffed with it. I even like the saw-the-lady-in-half tension band arrangement and the diddy porch.

    I’m planning to backpack with it in a couple of weeks time so we can compare notes…

    …you’ll probably hate it :-)

  3. Departure is delayed until after Doctor Who.

    Nitro? I think I did one those for Trail, end entry, round inner door?
    The kit’s always been decent, but now it looks like it’s getting good. The Helium Carbon should be just right for me, the TBS does work as well as external guys and the inner space looks good.
    The carbon pole is a good call and it’ll be reliable too, I couldn’t say at the time, but any time I’ve been in a Laser on here in the past five and half years it’s been held up by one of two pre-production carbon poles that I had on test, indeed one is still the pole I use in the red one which survived the night the tent got flattened on top of me at Stob Ban.
    I used to doubt carbon when I broke set of mountain bike bars, but I’ve learned to love it.

    Hopefully David we’ll both have good news shortly!

  4. The vango is looking mighty fine in the sunshine. And by the look of the twitter photo, you found some fine North West Highlands “tussockry” to test the theory that its not the easiest flysheet to get taught on uneven ground.

    Can’t wait to hear how you got on

  5. It went well for a first pitch and I only got my hand trapped in the TBS once!
    I’ve still to unpack it and see how the floor stood up to the tussockry!

  6. Just had a wee look at the Vango site and I love the look of some of those tents. I may have to see if the manager at the camping shop I worked at a few years back will let me have something at trade + VAT!

  7. Hi,

    did you have a look inside the Argon200? Is it really usable for 2 persons (as the end seems only about 90cm wide)?


  8. Hi Jens, I was sitting inside the Argon and to me the space inside felt okay for this style of tent. At the foot it does narrow but there’s still room for two sleepmats to fit without overlapping.
    I’d be happy enough in here with someone else. As long as they were tidy!

  9. :-) Ok, thanks for the quick reply, that’s good news. I`ll be in the UK in July and have a closer look at the tent in a store somewhere.

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