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I’ve got a camp cooking piece in the current Trail where I had look at what was a little more usuable for making proper food at camp rather than just boiling water which is all I seem to do these days. I was just going to stick in one of my tried and trusted stoves when I remembered the new Vango trio of gas stoves and thought I’d have a look.

The Ultralite below is the best of the three models, and if you look closely you’ll recognise it’s sourced component parts (most stoves like this are a parts-shopping and branding excercise).
The burner is the same one that graces the Optimus Crux stoves, and the valve is the same one you’ll find on the excellent Brunton Flex and the Jetboil Flash.
The burner has proven itself to me time and time again and it is the best I’ve used, it’s the perfect shape and it’s very fuel efficient. The wide based and folding potstands are cracking too.
The same valve is working well for me elsewhere, this one feels smooth and the long control keeps your fingers away from the flame, although it doesn’t fold away as neatly as the more expensive stoves. And uncharacteristically, the price is something worth mentioning, it’s only £20.
It comes with a nice wee orange drawcorded bag, it’s a round-bottomed bag too (like a wee bottle pocket) so you can drop the stove in burner-first and sits in there snug, keeping the poststand folded. Weight too is a surprise, Vango have it at 72g on the website, I have this one coming in at 68g on the digital scales.

The construction looks good, I know the components should be good, I’ll just need to see what the durability is like.
This has really slipped in unnoticed and you know something, it’s a potential giant killer.
More later.

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  1. Not really slipped in un-noticed, they’ve been on the Fire-Mountain website since last year together with the one currently being sold under the GoSystem label, the Fly which weighs in at 48g/£30

  2. The Fly’s got the Optimus-style valve spindle in that tiny body, hopefully the updated version!

    It just seems that for an average price of £17 and an actual weight of 68g folk would be talking about this stove more, especially as Vango are selling every one of them that they’re making.
    I kinda hope it’s all DofE kids that are buying them because they were told to buy Vango.

  3. I saw one of the stoves in a local camping/fishing etc shop, a nice bit of kit but I’m waiting for the GoSystem Fly to come back in stock.

    Vango (and Karrimor) are trying again in some respects, hopefully if they get a bit of support through folks buying the decent stuff it’ll encourage them to try harder but the word needs to get out that there is an alternative to the more fashionable brands and that a lower price doesn’t have to mean a worse performance.

  4. Karrimor have just got new distribution with Allcord, so if they can up their game a little bit with the packs they could make a proper comeback. The X-Lite’s I got are both nearly-there’s.
    Vango suffer from a little lack of aggression, but that’s what’s kept them ticking over when others have been suffering. I met them last week and got a whole bunch of explanations from why the tents are small to why the stoves are so cheap. See if they raised their sights a little the technical end of the market would be theirs in a couple of seasons.

  5. Looks like a nice bit of kit and certainly something I’d consider as a replacement gas stove for the huge clanker I’ve got at present…

    I’ve just ordered myself a Clikstand in titanium as well with an Evernew burner. Hopefully this will prove to be an effective alcohol stove combo that continues to work efficiently in wilder weather than the backyard… anyone with experience of the clikstand system who can comment on ‘field usage’ or are you all gas canister stovies??

  6. I’ve hardly used anything but canisters for the past few years. But, I’ll be playing with alternatives in a wee bit.
    New is good.
    That combo you’ve got there looks interesting, it really is something I’ve lost touch with.

  7. The Vango stove looks exactly the same as the stove we bought for 18 Euros out of Technique Extreme in Chamonix in early June. See We used the stove with the Halulite Minimalist( for ultra light bivvi’s when alpine climbing in the Mont Blanc area. The stove was used mainly for melting snow to save weight rather than carrying litres and litres of water. It worked well at 4,000 metres but as the burner unit is wide we couldn’t turn it up full without the flames spreading out the side of the small pot and wasting heat. A few videos from the trip at
    Out of interest our total bivy kit weight for sleeping at 4,000 metres was around 1 kilo the same as a litre of water ;-)
    Cheers Ron

  8. Aye, 99% of stoves are made from the same parts from the same factory and just go into different boxes.
    It’s amazing how different the performance can be though through little changes in spec.
    The burner/pot compatibility is a bugger, my favourites are the Vango style burner and the Evernew Solo pot but they’re not the best together, I just end up with a red hot windshield!

  9. Hey, do you have any on field feedback about this stove since you’ve bought it ? I France product from Technique Extreme (the Vango is the same) suffer of a really bad image in terms of performance and reliability. I’m looking for a light stove and this one sounds nice but if ti’s not reliable it’s a bit dangerous to do mountaineering with it. Hope you’ll be able to tell me how is yours after a while.
    By the way, your blog is really nice with many information on gears, good job ;)

  10. I use this stove often, it’s a firm favourite. It’s proved reliable, it’s simple so there’s not much to go wrong.
    The weakest point is the valve, but all you have to do is not overtighten it when shutting it off or jam it full open. That’ll keep it from being stressed and keep it working smoothly.
    Great stove.

    Thanks for the kind words!

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