Brian has a thing for animals, he seems to attract them, or it that he’s attracted to them? Hard to say, but there was some wildlife on the bivy, all heading his way. We swapped the camera a few times to catch it, as happened on photies in the bigger story below, which I hope is obvious. I always forget to mention that stuff.

Heard often in the night were ptarmigan, heard and seen often were ravens, but easier to capture were the mini beasts around camp of which they were many. These big beetles were everywhere, I’m sure we both must have been intimate with one or two in the night, now I think about it, my ear has been itchy all week.

My favourite has to be the sheep below which has been dieting hard. It was wearing it’s own scalp as a hat. A phrase you don’t hear spoken outside of slasher/horror movies very often.
My camera also seems to have developed a grainy black and white mode, its the one next to my regular Intelligent Auto. I keep selecting it by accident, but I like it, the two colour shots of the sheep are rubbish so by day two of the trip I was using it on purpose. There’s a sort of a blue mode if you turn the dial the other way, but that looks rubbish.

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