Up and back again

It’s cold out there when you go north. Not much snow left, but what’s left is solid. It’s nice to see icicles, and big ones too, even at the road side. All the water on Rannoch Moor looked like you could skate on it, and Loch Leven had big ice patches on it. Nice to see the frost clinging on all day with little effort.

It all kinda takes me back to the winters where we’d enjoy an increasingly fast slide in the playground before it thawed over the weekend without constant polishing by small-sized feet or the janitor got to it with a bucket of salt. Where we’d go out to play in the snow, get soaked through and not feel the cold.

Aye, all this gear is rubbish. What we need are woolly mitts and balaclavas knitted my mums and grannies.

4 thoughts on “Up and back again”

  1. Aye, no snow but oodles of ice in the Lakes this weekend. I carried the Corsa Nanotech purely to hack through 4 inches of the stuff on the tarn to get water for our overnighter – of course I felt like a prune with it strapped to the pack, ‘coz you can’t explain that to passers-by with a glance!

    And on the drive up we called in to Outdoor Warehouse to pick up Kathoola Microspikes. As it happens we could avoid everything en route…. but we put them on to have a play anyway, and were seriously impressed wih the grip those tiny spikes give on sheet ice! :)
    I can see them getting more use than the crampons this winter.

  2. I’ve been saying this a lot recently, in our currently patchy winters we’re going to have use alternatives, Icebugs, Microspikes, lethal aluminium Kahtoolas etc

    If it keeps you upright and on the hill it’s all good. It’ll be interseting to see where the mainstream media takes its coverage of such stuff in the next few years.

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