In a new band. I tried with the rock covers band I really did, but I just can’t do it like folk are expecting me too. I’m on the edge of snapping the entire time, just desperate to play a different chord or use a wah pedal or something. They knew it too. So whether I jumped or was pushed, the splash was just the same.

So, within minutes I had another band, it’s amazing how many musicians there are standing around when you need them. I wonder if the ratio is higher or lower than that of pilots travelling as passengers on board flights with ill crew members. I bet you could get funding to study that.

The band is twometresdeep and the best analogy I could come up with is Joni Mitchell jamming with Black Sabbath. We’ve been writing and arranging which has been with a mix of bits of songs brought in by the various folks and new stuff written as we played.
I am enthused. Normally I work with just my drummer buddy Craig, but this is very different indeed. There’s going to be a very diverse mix of sweet harmonies and acoustic passages to my usual grinding guitar and big beat drums. Real light and dark. I love it.

A couple of short clips from the first sessions. The songs are called one and two, or that one and the other one.



11 thoughts on “twometresdeep”

  1. It’s a bit like Six Feet Under only more european. The music’s not too bad either needs a touch more Goth I think.Whatever happened to that last wee snipet of a tune you put up,did you ever finish it or do the EP type thingy?

  2. I think it will be a bit gothy in parts Pat, there’s some pretty dark toned stuff.
    Still need to mix the other tune, recording’s all done. I was going to match it up with more tracks, but I might just see how twometresdeep goes, probably record that first. Can’ afford it all :)

    btw, the six feet under connection never got spotted until later in actually refers to something completely different and very Dumbarton heritage…

  3. Some interesting stuff there, that first track sounds a bit like some of the stuff off Alex Turners EP for the film Submarine.

    Good stuff.

  4. ” refers to something completely different and very Dumbarton heritage…”

    Slept on it and the only thing I could think of is the tank at the maritime museum, I’m too old for this cryptic stuff. Too young to have seen Trinity ;)

  5. Had a wee listen to that Submarine, see what you mean, it’s quite old school. Just like me :)
    The acoustic playing is something I can only get better at though, managed to avoid doing much of it for 30 years.

    Pat, you are a genius. The has two members of museum staff in it, I said how about something inspired by this place, so we had ship shape, the propellers and two metres deep to which we all said ooh, I like that.
    I stuck the 70s font and colours on it and we’re good to go. Where to I’m not sure.

  6. Yeah it has a really nice … je ne sais quoi. There’s something about both the EP and your track there.

    If you’ve not seen the film it has a real old school vibe, it’ll make you forget which decade you’re in.

  7. I’ve given up picking out my own clothes, it usually just ends in having to get changed again after she tells me it doesn’t match.

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