Two Million

The playground’s been painted, and not just with road markings for traffic training the kids on their bikes either. There’s games courts marked out, four peevers which was great to see and colourful stars here and there to mark out the pitch for rounders and to act as safe spots for games of chases.
This was my playground in the 70’s and although the bike sheds are gone and the fence is extended so you can’t wave to the train drivers a few feet away on the tracks it’s the same oddly shaped crazy fun field it always was.

I’m kinda glad the ash park is now the car park though, falling on that stuff, when it wasn’t flooded, while pretending to play football (I hate football to play or watch or hear about, always have, always will) was emotional to say the least. As was the big chunk I got in my forehead when my “pal” chucked a lump at me from across the other side of the semi permanent flood. You remember that stuff, first time I’d seen that much blood.

It’s funny that the playground drinks fountains are away now, we used them all the time, summer and winter. Hygiene concerns, maintenance costs, Killjoy was here? Whatever, the water-at-work replacements inside with their multiple plastic components are much better I’m sure. <note to self – insert smiley for sarcasm there when it becomes available>
Still, great to see the kids being encouraged to be active and outdoors so much, Holly’s school is brilliant with that stuff, they have Forest Schools areas for the nursery and the Primary kids, and we’re working on an orchard and an outdoor classroom.
Aye, they get a lot of homework and the lunch admin is questionable, but it’s alright in there.

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