Trumpet of Doom (note to self…)

I’m actually going to list (and weigh!) the kit I take for the next trip, prompted entirely by Martin’s organisational skills as seen here.
It’s a good idea to get more organised on occasion, I recently forgot my spork and gave myself some aluminium origami so I could eat my dinner, and I have in the recent past slept on a folded map having forgotten to pack a sleepmat. I do have a core of regular kit that I use as well as test stuff, so it should be easy to do in principle, as long as I don’t get distracted again by the constant reruns of Stargate SG-1 on the telly.
The weather will dictate clothing and footwear to some extent, and it’s 50/50 on the Lasercomp or the BigAgnes Bivy. I’m definitely taking the PHD Minim 300 down bag, a NeoAir sleepmat, the Haglöfs Oz and a purple Buff, but there’s some nice wee bits of newness in there. I’m using some eVent compression sacks for the sleeping bag, and maybe the tent as well, I’ve got some new Banananuun to take, and of course I might take out the Hewee too.
Yes indeed, feeding my inner geek is good.

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  1. Do you know if they make the Sporks in Ti ???
    Recently burnt the end of a spork cooking some breakie in Wales.

  2. I’ve got a spreadsheet you could use if you’re gonna start weighing and listing everything. Mail me if you want it…

  3. You could have knocked one of them pissing tubes out of an old homebrew kit, the nalgene bottle still seems easier i think. I used to keep a laminted chart of gear requirements ages ago, but now i don’t tend to backpack, don’t really need one. Nowt wrong with being organised though, as its a pisser when your looking for something and realise its in the cupboard.

  4. The tube looks like a winter luxury :o)

    I freely admit to being all over the place, so the list (vorlich has sent me through a smashing pre-formatted affair) will either cure that or I’ll just forget to put all my shit onto it :o)

  5. Is that really a trumpet in that picture above?? :)
    or is it for sucking diesel out of cars??

    BTW big THANK YOU for the donation!! muchly appreciated. Taken me to the £4000 mark which I’m well chuffed with – cheers. You do know i didn’t get to BC but nearly, got to 4400m. Not too bad eh! Heading out up the hills this weekend. First time since I came back from Nepal, hope the weathers not too nasty.

    Ange :)

  6. It was a good effort whatever :o)

    The weather’s looking not too bad for the weekend, in fact it’s looking quite tempting out the window right now…

  7. I’ve got a wee spreadsheet somewhere but I use “visualisation” mainly. ie picture stuff I need for various scenarios in my head. Sounds a bit hippy-shit but works for me :o)

    Actually, I’m sure there was something along those lines in TGO a few months back.

  8. Kev, that’s exactly what I do for everything from a Kilpatricks bimle to a summit camp, and it usually works. “I’m sitting in the tent, it’s 0600 and I’m making a cuippa, what will I need right there…”.

    Part of the motivation for the list is to have a bit of reference on here. I’m always banging on about kit and lightweight and all that nonsense, so it’ll be good to see exactly what I do carry for the first time in over a year.

    I’ll bet my pack’s got slightly heavier.

  9. are the compression sacks the OD ones? ive got some of the old GTX version that i got on offer from backpacking light ages ago, very good for squishing air out of stuff like sleeping bags and insulated jackets.

  10. Aye, all this lightweight gear weighs a bloody ton…

    Moggy, I’ve got Sea to Summit and POD versions. The POD ones look the same as the new Sea to Summit non-eVent versions.
    Good kit, compresses down er, down to within an inch of its life !

    Edited to account for brain-fade.

  11. the POD ones are what was once OD aren’t they?

    i’ve not sean the Sea to Summit ones ill have to check those out.

  12. Aye, all part of the extended Equip family.
    OD are still doing them apparently, but the POD ones definitely look fancier.
    Most of my sleeping bags fit in the XS ones :o)

  13. As well as making a list pete why don’t you lay your kit out before a particular trip and take a photo of it. Unless you are testing some specific kit you need 2 snaps summer & winter. Or is that just a sad suggestion!

  14. Aw man, I’ve been launched into a new world of kit admin possibilities…:o)
    I’ll do a photie before I go I think.

    ukmase, there’s someone does an extra long version that’s good for eating out of the foil bags that dehydrated food comes in. Saves getting curry or noodle finger :o)

  15. Still cannot beat a folding Ti spoon – it stays with your stove and doesn’t get left at home!

    Anyway, picking noodles out from under your nails means you don’t have to carry a (heavy) book for entertainment ;-)

  16. Did I read somewhere about someone tearing the pages out of their book once they’d been read to get their packweight down?

    Talking of noodles, I have just order a pallet of Expedition Foods for the trip madness that is the next four weeks :o)

  17. I only put my radio on for an hour a night to minimise the weight of the music I listen to.

  18. What are the Expedition Foods meals like? How about getting Trail to let you do a test on freeze-dried foods? That’d be very useful. I’m currently stuck on a couple of the Mountain House ones (digestive system can get a bit annoyed at times!) and am looking for tasty alternatives.

    And while we’re on the subject of Trail reviews, I’d like to know how you tested the water-resistant qualities of those synthetic bags! Did you pour a similar beverage at consistent temperature over them all? ;-)

  19. Comforting to find that Haglofs aren’t utterly infallible! A pretty chunky retaliation in the Akto/Laser comp wars too ;)

  20. David :o)

    Ah, is Trail out then? I haven’t seen the issue yet, is it the one with GT testing the budget tents as well? Mine’ll appear “in a while”.
    Kate, I think Simon Ingram did a taste test of some of the camping food in the last couple of issues. The Expedition Foods stuff is sometimes a bit blander than other brands because there’s less taste enhancing shite in them. I like a few of the flavours, bur I still mix it up with Reiter and others so I don’t get bored.

    Sleeping bag test, that was difficult to do actually, very similar yer all completely different.
    The winner was a cracker, and there’s another couple in there that I would happily use without the threat of violence to my person.
    The water penetration test was “very” scientific. I did the same thing to them all at the same time (trade secret…:o)) and it was frightening how bad some of them were and also how good as well.
    I just wish they were all a bit smaller and lighter!

  21. Light My Fire do a “Large” Spork – 25cm (or 10″ in old money) 31g

    I just got one in red – spoon at one end, knife/fork at the other, so it’s a proper ladle – the devils own

    I’m sure it could even double as a trowel in an emergency latrine situation.

  22. I’ve been using a spreadsheet with all my kit on it ever since I got into the hills and realised I’d left the MSR fuel bottle at home…

    I started copying it to a new tab, and deleting what I don’t want for a trip. Leaving me with a list of stuff to tick off, as well as a record of what I took.

    Which after a couple of years is starting to become interesting to look back on :)

    I also started taking a snap of the food (and sometimes the kit) which is certainly becoming useful when we’re a bit stuck for ideas of some food to make a change with. Just fire up Picasa and have a look at the “Camping Food” label!

  23. I picked up Trail at the weekend. I very much enjoyed it – best for a while IMHO (lots of tents, etc).

    And it is amazing what you learn from Trail:
    1. Hilleberg is a Norwegian Company
    2. A Munro must have a 150m drop on all sides to qualify.
    3. Sandwood Bay “is rightly hailed as the most beautiful – and most remote – beach in Scotland.”

    Well I never…

  24. For one horrible moment there DavidG I thought you were serious…

    Well – in a way I suppose you were!

    And so was Trail no doubt.

    The Norwegians will be pleased to have picked up such a great tent manufacturer. And those Munros are clearly much easier than I thought.

    I thought it was “The Blogosphere” that was full of uninformed opinions? That’s what the papers apparently say…

  25. Mistakes and lazy re-hashing of (highly contestible) Sandwood Bay cliches notwithstanding, I did actually enjoy the current edition!

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