Tree Planting Day

The day went well. There was a wee bit of setting up still to do by the time I arrived and then I spent the day around the planting area which suited me perfectly.
The weather was up and down, a flash of sun and a few light showers to break up the general greyness. The punters arrived early and in good numbers too, meaning there was a bit of a dash to get enough canes into the ground to mark the planting spots. By afternoon the planting area was full of folk, and folk of all types too. We had ages from 3 to 93, from locals to crag visitors who knew nothing about the event and got roped in and everybody got muddy, wet and I saw many smiling faces.

The motivation everyone has is different. Parents with weans making something to come back to and visit in days to come, people remembering someone gone already, those with environmental concerns and those who are just enjoying playing in the outdoors. And, everything  inbetween.
I love it, they’re good folks and it’s a pleasure to blether all day, makes standing in calf deep mud a joy.

In the photies are the base camp where there was visitor information and the catering folks, who are brilliant and make awesome soup. Next door there was a drummer who got the kids sounding like a mix between a Highland army marching to battle and smooth jazz club combo and an environmental artist got kids to make autumn leave swirls through the trees, including a lovely spiral up a tree.
Lots to do, it certainly looked busy where we were and there must have been 700+ trees went in. Great day, wee frogs everywhere too.

PS Long time listeners might spot Wheelie lying outside the tent. It’s perfect for this stuff, takes a dozen shovels and whatnot it’s also portable waterproof storage.

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