Trail, Spring ’09 Issue

First off, there’s a huge picture (if you click on it) of my arse right here on LFTO. Claire’s done a wee feature on Alpkit’s Genius jeans which I’ve been bumming around in the past few months, good kit too.

My column this month is about the US versus UK aspect, I totally ran out of space and it reads like a list of US gear, but there’s a few important UK mentions at the end. I originally intended it to say that the US was wrong for the UK, but as I wrote and drew on my experiences of the last couple of years, I realised that the gear is right, you just have to use your head to get the best out of it in our weather.
The photie accompanying the column is of a prototype pack with a very familiar logo on it…

Here’s one taken at the same time. Jeans and trainers on the hill? What the hell does he think he’s playing at?

15 thoughts on “Trail, Spring ’09 Issue”

  1. Good point. US gear gets used in the Pacific North West and Appalachian mountains which are wet and windy places – like the UK. I like a lot of US based blogs were the hikers are out in some harsh conditions in kit we use. Section Hiker comes to mind.

  2. I watched the Axe Men series about lumberjacks set in Oregon. I though it looked like the Trossachs but bigger and wider, with some horrendous weather.
    Aye, they’re no’ daft, the kit’s good.

  3. ive had some funny looks when out in the alpkit jeans, probably the funny sort of looks i give people when i see them in jeans on the hill.

    people found it amazing how dry i was when walking from pub to pub in keswick before, it was quite a talking point.

    mightn even buy another pair at full price at some point,

  4. I bought the new edition at lunchtime and was nearly knocked over by all the ‘junk’ that fell out as I opened it.

    I did have a quick look through the Coleman catologue to see if they still (officially) sell PowerMax gas cartidges (Nope). Then it got tossed in recyling with everything else

  5. Unfortunately won’t get to read your piece because two overseas subs is one too many and I went for the “other mag”. Sorry.

    Like the noises you’re making about US gear. The idea that its (all) not suited to UK conditions (ever) doesn’t stack up for me. We don’t get worse weather than they do in the states its just locally less predictable. Pick a climate and somewhere in the north american continent has it. The West coast of Vancouver island makes Borrowdale look like the Gobi desert. How about +25 deg C at lunchtime and -10 with snow at suppertime in the rockies? Another critism often voiced for the L/UL gear is durability. Tell that to a PCT/CDT yoyo’er with 8000-10000km behind him. As you say, the gears not wrong, it just needs to be used correctly!

  6. DNF, :o)

    Dave, absolutely. The tent I’m taking out this weekend is as “USA” as it gets and I don’t give a shit that I’ve just read “blizzard conditions for a time on the tops”.
    Careful pitching as all I need.

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