Trail Column No1 again.

I’m happy with it. It’s what I said presented in “sanded down to fit like a new door in an odd sized door frame” type form.

There has been some feedback, on the Trail forums there has been some kind words. On OM there’s been nothing, but as has been said there I am “Trail’s Bitch” now. I find myself amused by the selective sense of community.

If I was a chimpanzee my children would be eaten by the elders of the group.

There has been some grumbling on the blogs, well countered with some reasonable points. Surely words spoken in support of something so dear to so many would bring only joy, especially since those words just reached four times as many readers than any anything anybody in TGO has ever written on the subject. That’s a good thing. Yes/No Vote with your red button.

Column No2 will be on it’s way. How to lose weight off of your back to take advantage of your new shoes. It’s more than “Leave the Mera Peak at home” I’m glad to say.

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