Trail Column, May ’08

I’m so glad to be rid of the awful mugshot. The photie this month is me flitting about on Beinn Dorain in the very Icebug footwear I’m talking about. That wonderful day is on here somewhere.

It was an odd winter without proper boots at all, but I didn’t miss them once. It was the best winter I’ve had for years.

It is the best message we can send. Getting your feet right.

3 thoughts on “Trail Column, May ’08”

  1. Yeah,I hardly wore my ‘proper’ winter boots this year either,whether this was because of the lack of suitable conditions or because I’m becoming more comfortable wearing lighter footwear all year round,I dont know.
    I reckon the merrells are more suited to uk terrain anyway than my raichle 60 degrees.The thinner more flexible sole took some getting used to though,but the reduction in weight was welcome and the comfort supreme…I aint looking back now.
    Now the weather is heating up a little I’m looking for a pair of mids to use this year,favourite so far are the Raichle G alpha mids,cant find anybody supplying them in the uk though.Might have to chance it and buy a pair from somewhere else in europe…but they look soooo good!
    Will be using more of my Salomon xa’s as well in the coming months especially on drier days.

    My feet have never felt better.

  2. I’ve just got off the floor.

    My wife has said she wants some ‘walking boots’ so we can walk as a family in the hills. This is good, my family will be with me in some beautiful places. So I show her the Aldi boots on special next Thursday, and some of the boots available on the net (thinking she would only want walking boots)

    She then looks at me and says “wouldn’t those walking shoes (pointing to some Merrel trail shoes) feel better and be more natural?”

    I’m quite stunned. It took me a while to figure this myself, with help of the likes of PTC and co, and then my wife just pulls it out of the air.

    I reckon she’s been reading the column in Trail whilst I’m out the house! :)

    The column was better this month. More info, and didn’t feel like it was desperate to get the info over in a short space (not that the others did, but I hope you get my gist)

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