Trail Column, February ’08

“I mean, how many blacksmiths return faulty anvils?”

That was in reference to over cautious heavy duty specification of kit, a favourite solution of companies who want to avoid wear and tear related product returns.

It’s also the only substantial edit from this months column. This makes me happy on two levels. On the first floor is humour and flippancy alive and well in a large circulation magazine. On the second floor we have slightly obscure references that made it to print. The Karrihaus Millstone is obvious, but when I made the albatross reference I had in mind “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and the albatross he slew, chained around the mariners neck to the detriment of all concerned. It’s nice to know that it made it through without being ditched through fear that nobody would “get it”.

I’m raising an eyebrow at the Single Best Day in the Arrochar Alps however.


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