Trail Article No3

Lighter… Winter. This the new title format. It’s good as it gives a specific to it, the trouble for me is all the words in my head and not enough time or space.

The content is once again true to what I wrote, I hate it when people don’t let you down. I know it’s all obvious stuff to many, but as always the chance of reaching that poor sod in the Lakes heading around the Fairfield horseshoe equipped for two weeks in Patagonia makes it all worth while.

Nice to see the Kahtoolas getting a mention, I really believe these are the ideal crampon for most UK winter walking in these days of questionable conditions. If you read through the current Scottish Winter Meet thread on the Trail forums there are many people who don’t have or haven’t used winter hardwear like crampons or ice axes. It is a big issue for folk, cost and skill wise. Kahtoolas and the CAMP Corsa axe are ideal for people getting into winter, but instead of outgrowing them they’ll hone their skills, increase their confidence and then expoit the lightness and applications of the hardwear to the max.

I’ve enjoyed doing the column. I hope that folk have read it and not dismissed it as the musing of a fruitloop who sleeps in the mountains on the verge of hypothermia and insanity with only small titanium bowl of burning meths for comfort.  Because that’s definitely not me. I could tell you who it is though…


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