Trail Article No2

I’ll admit that part of my motivation for actually getting this blog properly admined and out there was to write up the Trail column in unedited form to address the no doubt mercilessly edited, humourless, pusillanimous, by-the-numbers, Airfix model kit instruction leaflet opening paragraph version that would see print.

Well, that was pointless. The second instalment is really rather nicely done as well. The safety section had it’s eyepatch and duct tape reference intact. Once again happy to have my coupon and name attached to it.

In the content of it, some will say I’m stating the obvious, some will think I’m talking daft. Correct on both counts, or neither. It depends on which side of the fence you’re on. I’ve tried sitting on the fence but I was in danger of falling between two stools.

Anyway, maybe somebody reading it will have a think, then look at their kit and wonder “Aye, why am I carrying all that pish?”. Then chip their 300 weight fleece in the dogs basket where it belongs. Alright!

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