Torture device

I was in the kitchen and decided to weigh with my nice new scales what was to hand and what ever was hanging on the pulley round the corner.
The scales are Ultraship 35’s from MyWeigh in a cheap looking silver finish and with Dalek’s-eye blue LCD display. It’s the same set I’ve borrowed on numerous accasions and as they always read exactly the same as the Post Office’s they’ll do for me.

First off, I weighed the Montane Sabretooth, which came up as 680g for a size large. The medium is advertised as 615g. Does that sound right? I dunno, but it does cement my opinion that it’s a jacket to be worn and not carried.
The Haglöfs Oz was next, and for my size large it was 170g. It’s listed as 175g for a large, but bear in mind that mines heavier as I’ve got a wire in my hood visor. Were they being oddly conservative? Has it lost mass through wear and tear? Interesting.

I weighed a bunch of bottles that I use regularly.

    Sigg 600ml Oval                         138g
    Sigg 1L Traveller                        146g
    Sigg 750ml Sports                      144g
    Camelbak 750ml Better Bottle     184g
    Oggi 750ml Aluminium Sports     106g

Interesting stuff that, the 1 litre Sigg and Oggi bottle come out best for volume and weight, but the heavier Oval and Camlebak are easiest to use and get packed the most, although the Oggi’s ribbed exterior is currently finding favour also.

The Snow Peak purple titanium mugs come out at 62g for the 450ml single wall and 106g for the 450ml double wall. Neither are offensive at those weights, and the double wall is worth the extra grams for cold weather hot cuppa joy.
Cutlery-wise, the Light My Fire spork was 9g, the Vargo purple titanium one was 14g and the Optimus folding version was 20g. Again, to reason to complain.

There was other stuff, like the Haglöfs LIM Down Hood weighing a superb 678g, a Buff being 40g and Grivel Air Tech Lite crampons coming in at 596g.
Has this changed my opinipon about any of the kit? No, because how it feels in the hand, packs away and does it’s job is what makes it a hit or a miss. It’s really good to know the facts of course, it’s important to know who’s lying and who’s not.
“It’s the marketing department who weigh the gear” Indeed.

5 thoughts on “Torture device”

  1. you’d be surprised how much weight the neoprene sleeve adds to the Siggs… But you’re right, packability often takes precedence over weight.

  2. Thanks for weighing the Sabretooth ;-)

    My Oz weighs 187 g. in Large, scandal !
    Btw, why does yourse have a wired Peak (mine doesn’t) ?
    Do you also have abrasion on the Smock beneath the Hip Belt (on the inside) ?

  3. Ha, me again !

    Somewhen you mentioned having a Halo Top from Crux, could you also weigh it, and maybe tell me if its tight fitting or more spacious cut, if it isnt anyway your Plan to write a Review for it ?

    Thanks, Max

  4. Max, I fitted the wire myself. The 2007 version has a seam on tyhe peak that you cah get a wire in. The current laminated version doesn’t. It works very well, the hood stands up much better to the wind.
    I’ve got a littlew ear on the inside where my belt buckle is, but apart from that it’s wearing very well indeed.
    I’ll weight the Halo, and I’ll feature it as some point as well.

    Moggy, ebay! There’s a couple of sellers in the US do them in various colours. the exchange rate has made them scary expensive though.

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