Tomorrow’s Dream Vol 10

Above was taken on whatever low res camera loaded into the Sony Ericsson phone I had at the time, below was taken on whatever borrowed camera I had at the time, and just before the solitary battery died too leaving me with just the phone to capture what I have to say was an absolutely perfect morning.

Easter, space year 2000 and something and it was like yesterday in my mind. I was camped on Carn Dearg, north of Rannoch Station, an easy walk and a fine pleasant camp, but with that morning, oh what a morning.

I was in a first gen Alpkit down bag the night before, Alpine Dream was it? Great warm bag with a shite hood that was barely a pillow, glad they changed that. It was frosty but that sun was instantly warm and the glens, hell the whole landscape, flooded with fog as soon as the first rays broke the horizon, just over a wee bit from Schiehallion if memory serves me right.

That was a multi cuppa breakfast, I didn’t leave until the mist lifted and the sun was high up. The run across to Sgor Gaibhre does not linger sharply, I think I was still stunned by the preceding hours, but I do remember gladly reaching water in the coire and seeing the first of the days’ fresh feet ascending towards me. Too late folks, you missed it all.

Now, I wrote that first bit above over my morning coffee before I went out to meet a client. By the time I got back to base everything had changed.
Travel restrictions are being lifted on Friday this week, not on the 26th.

This has spun me right onto my arse, the dream is a reality etc. But I’m getting my first jag on Saturday and I’m expecting having some sort of reaction to it, I don’t see me getting anywhere right away.
It’s not theoretical anymore, I’m planning for reality. It’s like an out of body experience, what do I do, I know what to do, what did I forget, what do I need?

Bloody hell.

That big grin below, he had no idea what the next few years would bring to him in the outdoors. But now I’m looking ahead too. Time to make a brand new grin to catch and keep with all these old ones.


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Dream Vol 10”

  1. The first photie filled me with regret, I should never ever have sold my Villain.
    Keep hoping a good one will turn up on eBay.
    Don’t worry about the jag, I got the Pfizer one weeks ago, no problem at all.

    1. Ach Eddie, that’s a bummer. The clean ones go for big money on eBay.
      The Villain and the Jirishanca 35 litre are still as good as ever.

      Good news on your jag. I’m looking forward to having, if feels like another step toward getting my life back .

      1. Yep, go for it.
        Speaking from experience, don’t be disappointed when you find that you no longer have that crawler gear that used to get you to the summit camp without stopping.
        Just get there, take the photies and tell your tales in your own inimitable style

        1. Sounds like a plan Eddie.

          Was on the road at 4:30 this morning for a Glen Coe sunrise at six. I really hope for more soon.

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