Today. And recently.

There was a ship grounded on a sandbank down at Dumbarton yesterday. I took a wander down on the bike, but by the time I’d got there it had been towed to Greenock by tugs.

A nice clearout of the cobwebs though. I sat in Levengrove Park and drank my Nuun and came back one of the long road for a shortcut routes. New houses everywhere.


Coming up the back of the Dumbuck hotel you get a nice view of the crags on the quarry rim. That overhang is covered in chalkmarks from seriously stretched climbers. You’d never guess that there were four lanes of A82 hidden in that shot.

And of course FastandLight is back up. Leaner and more user friendly. The boy done good.

2 thoughts on “Today. And recently.”

  1. Ptc boy is doing good too, very pleased with how the flat is looking – the baby has a lovely nursery xxx

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