To The Greatest Drummer in the World

A letter arrived at the post office depot addressed “To The Greatest Drummer in the World.” There was no other details or return address so the postie just thought he’d forward onto the most obvious name, he was a big Metallica fan, so he sent it to Lars Ulrich.

Lars lifted the letter off the doormat and thought “I’m not the greatest drummer in the world.” The guys coming up behind me are much better, I’ll drop this off at Joey Jordison’s house.

Joey took the letter and looked at it later, “This isn’t right, there’s a living legend who this belongs to”. He stuck it in another envelope and mailed it to Canada addressed to Neil Peart.

Neil got the letter, opened it up and looked at the envelope inside “To The Greatest Drummer in the World.” Buddy Rich was gone, Kruppa was gone, Bonham was gone, it had to be for him, he was ready to carry the flag. He tore open the envelope.

He began to read the letter, “Dear Ringo…”


The old ones are the best and can be easily updated with whatever names you like too. It came to mind today when I picked up some sticks.
I’ve been writing and rehearsing the drum parts (which is much harder than that casual statement makes it appear as I can’t actually play the drums) for recording them next week and using borrowed sticks is both unhygienic and taking liberties as I’m destroying other peoples kit so after a wee look at the racks of what just look like big pencils to me I saw the dipped sticks which have a rubbery grip which felt good in the hand and should let me slacken my grip a little meaning less white knuckles, a more relaxed approach and fewer takes. Maybe?
The purple was a happy accident but there was even more joy when I got back to the motor and saw that the silver printed star actually belonged to the endorser whose signature sticks I’d just bought – Ringo Starr.



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