It’s like a solid object. No, not solid, more of a jelly. A giant jelly circle set with chicken wire in it to hold it together, six feet wide.

You put it over your head and shoulders and then try to get on with your day. The jelly gets in your eyes, your ears, it makes driving difficult, you’re all slow and clumsy and customers ask you if you want a cup of tea with much greater frequency. And because of all this the thought processes slow down or get disjointed as you’re playing catch up and trying to make sense of the input that’s making it through the jelly. It’s easy to concentrate more on the jelly than on what you’re supposed to be doing.

Important items can slip through the cracks.

10 thoughts on “Tiredness”

  1. Welcome to my world
    (Go on, sing the tune – you know you want to)

    I like your “jelly” analogy, much more apt than the usual “swimming through treacle” explanation. Mind you, you obviously don’t make jelly ‘like mother used to’ if you need chicken wire to hold it together – that’s the jelly talking isn’t it?

    It’s the short, invisible bungee cord between the chair and my arse I have most trouble with… zz

  2. I was singing it before I finished reading the first line…

    Cut the cord!!!!!

    Up the Kilpatricks as soon as I’ve finshed this WHW madness. Right?

  3. Your on mate – Good luck with the WHW, walking all day with a pack, no matter how light, for 3 days on the trot is not as easy as it sounds, or as people might think. I did it a few years ago now with my mate JP and that was with a full pack. 3 days in the rain, from Lochgilphead, up thru Kilmartin, up in to Glen Domhain, a quick trip over to Loch Avich and then back up as far as Kilmelford, before we gave up and hitched the rest of the way to Oban which was the final destination which we’d planned to walk to in the full 5 days we had intended to do.
    You’ll be walking thru my birthday on the 29th if you go when planned, so I wont be following you on the day, but I’ll raise a glass to you.

  4. Good lad :o)

    That actually sound like a crackin’ walk you guys were on. Nice part of the country, I definitely don’t go there enough.

  5. Is it me or is the clock on this site at least 30 mins slow?

    There’s no way my last comment was 12:17am – more like 47.

    Sorry – that’s the jelly talking isn’t it!

  6. It was a lovely little glen once we got into it, quiet & peaceful, as was loch Avich, and a quiet little single track up to Kilmelford. Might have some photos, mind you it was the early/mid 90’s !!! First time I did any real walking.

  7. I’ve had to adjust the time more than once. I think it’s because WordPress is a US thing and they’ve changed their clocks or something.

    I think the last time we were over that way we walked the Crinan Canal up and down. That was nice, and the sea was a dark green colour. It’s a lovely bit of coast all the way up to Ballachuilish.

  8. Don’t worry, I only looked at the view for a wee while.
    The rest of the time I was suffering horribly, and yet valiantly.

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