Time and Tide

The beach has become something of a gathering place for villagers and folk with cameras and drones in recent times. It hasn’t put me off vising regularly at all, I’m always the only one there for sunrises and usually the last one there at sunset because folk just walk off after any big colour splash rather than enjoy it unfolding.
I tend to be there until I can’t feel my fingers, just in case something happens. Sometimes something does happen, other than the view being relentlessly awesome whatever the weather.
In the past few months I’ve seen folk walk away from deer slinking out of the trees and foraging by the water’s edge and what appears to be a now local seal playing a few feet rocks and snorting its nostrils as me as well as the usual variety of burds doing interesting and amusing stuff.
So am I obsessed or has everyone else got a low attention span?

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