Thursday is a strange one. It’s kinda the end of the week in some ways, too late to order in parts or materials but still plenty of time left to get stuff done. As long as you’re sure you can finish it with what you’ve got, working the weekend is easy, getting suppliers who are still there to answer the phone isn’t.
I suppose good planning takes the Thursday element out, but I’m not the best at that. I am kinda last-minute, winging it, hoping for a clear shot of the target which I sometimes do and sometimes do not get. I wonder who this is more stressful for, me or my customers, friends and family.
Ah what the hell, a last minute success is way more impressive and a gallant failure at the last hurdle garners more sympathy.

12 thoughts on “Thursday”

  1. Lovely photo.
    Much nicer to be looking at clouds on a hill, than to be in the clouds on a hill.

    ps I have booked Friday off. It is the weekend =)

  2. Now that sounds like a good plan!

    That’s Stob Ban from the unexpectedly steep southern slopes of Nevis. Great day that, about four years ago must be.

    Sigh, welding holes in pipework this weekend.

  3. You guys are lucky that you know it’s Thursday. I either have to ask the better half (usually she doesn’t know either) or find a watch with the day & date !!

    Tower Ridge by the way.

  4. True.

    Let’s compromise and say it’s the best way DOWN Nevis.
    Actually I’ve not been that way for so many years now that I couldn’t tell you what it’s like.

    Bet it was great on a pony in 1900. In fact, stuff this lightweight lark – I’m gonna get me a horse and pack all the sausages I want.

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