Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

It wasn’t late when I left…
But we’ll come back to that again another day, this time with the spelling fixed.
There was the rain, the wind, the miles, the horror and the joy. And the gear.
It’s a good story and will better with the bits I missed out back in, we’ll do that, so like I often say: more later.

I am an eejit.

31 thoughts on “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot”

  1. Good to hear you still grinned with weather like that mate.

    Never bothied myself but the open fire does sound great, it’s the one thing I wish I could have when wildcamping. If it had been full, had you other plans?

    Not a subscriber to Trail anymore, so it’s nice to see what you’re all up to. I managed to get a 17 mile cycle ride round a ressie in on Saturday but it stayed dry and warm. Lucky me.

    1. Chewy, if we couldn’t get any space at all in the bothy we were walking out. Would have meant a 52km day if we’d taken the tree route. haven’t done that distance on foot in one go in a while…

      A bothy was good if you’re among friends, but the unknown is sometimes lurking!

  2. Stob Ban was a maybe for day2, but the was just too miserble. Great fun and a cracking route though, the terrain changes so much there’s a real sense of a journey.
    Next time I’ll do it on a mountain bike in good weather :o)

  3. Spooky, I was just thinking about this very walk which I did north to south 2 years ago almost to the day. I wildcamped just south of the bothy and like you had weather that you didn’t want to linger in so a full day topped and tailed by half days turned into a day and a halfer.
    I avoided the bog track along the railway and took the track on the hillside instead.

  4. Great report PTC. Brings back memories of my trips through there. Never known good weather at that bothy. Deep snow made it hard work once but worst was a mighty thunderstorm about 3 feet above the rooftop while sheltering overnight with 10 or 12 terrified strangers. A good exit is straight over the low point of the Sgurr Innse ridge (opposite the door) & down to Tulloch. Remember waiting freezing in the dark on the station as the snow fell until the bunkhouse folk took pity on us with an invitation inside for a warm & a brew. Great days, great area.

  5. It wouldn’t be any fun if it was blue sky and sunshine all the time……………………………wait a minute who am I kidding,it would be f@*$ing magic!!!!!!

  6. Incredible. I’ve been reading this blog for a few years now, but this is the first time when I’ve seen that you’ve had worse weather than me on a route!

    I did this walk the other direction at the beginning of March starting from a bothy in Glen Nevis, and stopped at the one the one you stayed at for my lunch. Got to climb Stob Ban on the way too – in the snow and ice :)

    I then carried on and camped next to Loch Trieg before getting the first train from Corrour which is the Caladonion express! I’ll stick more pics on flickr soon.

    Even though I had better weather and the sun was shining; those land rover tracks were just as bad and after keeping my feet dry all the way from Loch Trieg I ended up knee deep in mud, water and oil :(

  7. Kate, your trip was one of my first thoughts when we settled on the route. That alternative on the other side of the tracks would have saved us an hour I think.

    If could have been the velcro-soled shoes of doom as well Steve!

    thinkgreysky, that cut over the ridge was on the cards the night before as we looked at the map. The only issue was leaving the motor at Tulloch. I’m glad we settled on Spean Bridge, the coire over the ridge would heve been an inland sea.
    Going to go back for Sgurr Innse…

    Jango, a few clouds are nice in the photies :o)

    Stealthy mice Chris, hungry but surprisingly quiet.

  8. Dave, that was one constant despite the weather, the banter was good and we stayed cheery. If I’d been solo I might have gone all wrong.

    aembleton, I saw the shots of Flickr and thought “Oh, that looks nice” Where you camped was one of the few bits where the rain stopped, I think some of your good luck must have lingered!

  9. I know that Little Chef well; the folk there looked after my broken motor for a few days over New Year a wee while ago. They’re Good People.

  10. Sounds fantastic, the power of the weather can make you feel so alive… er… and cold.

    It was gorgeous on Saturday so me and the wife walked from Laxey on the coast up to the top of Snaefell and back. Started off in 18 C sunshine, no wind, got to the top and the cloud and wind came in and we had mist and rain and below zero temperatures (with the windchill)… and we loved every minute of it, even laughing when the cloud followed us down the boggy hills to the mines pelting us with rain as we tried to find the unmarked route in the mist.

    We were testing our new backpacks for Mont Blanc, so even though we weren’t expecting rain (and neither was the forecast), we’d stuff waterproofs and insulating layers in the packs just to give them some weight and bulk, so we knew we would be warm and dry(ish) when we saw the clouds coming over.

    We took a little longer than usual for that route but we enjoyed it and my knees only gave me gyp when we were dancing at a 40th birthday party later that night.

  11. Looks like a great trip. Some of my most memorable ones have been in the pissing rain as well.

    Looking forward to getting out myself soon now that I’m back in the right hemisphere.


  12. Bellefield, I can sympathise with your knees. Mine aren’t improving with age at all.

    BBF, standing the right way up is always good :o)

  13. Having a very nostalgic evening. Reading report of a familiar route while watching 633 squadron for the umpteenth time. Mike baldwin has just stuck his mosquito into the ‘rough bounds’ via the lairig ghru. Did you ask phoebe how she gets her hair like that?

  14. Where is the story? I saw it on my Reader and thought that looks good for the weekend. Photos of old ruins by Peters stone and the like. Get it up and on the blog. Who cares there is a typo in it. I don’t. Sounds like you are having some great adventures and hope the spring brings some more for you.

  15. A change of plan I’m afraid, I think I was unintentionally compromising the magazine feature based on the trip by putting the post up, and some of my shots are going in now which I wasn’t expecting, so I pulled the post.
    When it comes out in November I’ll re-publish the post (I’ll still fix the spelling).
    The feature will be a good one, Phoebe Smith and I out for a couple of days testing theories, kit and our endurance too as it turned out.
    If you’re passing before November I’ll tell you all about it over a cuppa!

  16. I am passing the southern hills in May. TGO Challenge and all that. Come along for a night and day. You can tell me that tale and make a whole new one up.

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