This, that, the next thing and the thing after that too.

I’m glad this week is nearly over. I’ve achieved heehaw really.
I have learned to monitor my movement and posture, and being careful and strict has seen my back twinge go from being eyewatering with every movement eight days ago, to a mere light stiffness when leaving the mattress this morning. That’s not really a victory though as it was my own stupidity that brought it all about.
Thinking time is what I’ve had, but I didn’t really use that either. I have read some books, but a Commando compendium is hardly increasing my quality of knowledge, so that’s another fail. The sheer offensiveness of some of the “national stereotypes” attached to the characters is noteworthy though, some sort of social comment or history on display maybe.
I cleaned the bike, but I didn’t ride it. I sorted my camping box, but didn’t take anything out and use it. I’ve unwrapped test kit, but I haven’t tested it.
And hey, I’ve got a blog and I haven’t blogged. That’s good though, it should be a diary of stuff I’ve done and not a reason to do stuff.

I did get Holly to myself yesterday, and we had a fine time. You know Starbucks is great for weans, you get a Babyccino for free with dad’s latte, whereas some cafes won’t even lift their gaze from their shoes to try and cater for you and wee yin. There’s always notable exceptions, like the O’brien’s on Bothwell Street, which is brilliant, and most Costa’s are good too, but Starbucks seem to have it sorted for families.
We were in a model shop where Holly got some animals for her farm, and she took some persuading that the knight in armour on the horse didn’t really fit into her usual rural scene. Mind you, neither does the monkey that lives on the roof of the barn, or the elephant family that went home with, so what the hell does dad know?
In the car is funny just now, she’s picked up on my current fad of Rammstein and ask for Amerika as soon as we get on the road. So what we have is her wee hied bobbing away in my rear view mirror shouting “Am-e-ee-ah, wun-ah-bahh, On daddy, on!” Brilliant.

I haven’ t talked about my Trail stuff, and there’s been a few bits in there.
A few months ago there was my first ever proper article. It took me ages to read it because I knew there would be more edits since my l;ast revision and I didn’t want to know, and in fact I couldn’t be arsed as I was sick of looking at the text. But, it came out okay I think. When I read it I still see me in it, although the style is a bit bland I think, there’s some of my usual banter in there. It’s funny, I had to go back and shoehorn all the lightweight stuff into it as is was very thin on such references in the first draught.
One disappointment was the cut of some text that I kinda knew wouldn’t get through, and that was near the beginning where I said something about setting off overloaded like a “badly advised DofE hopeful”. It ended up as something lame, which escapes me for the moment! I’ll dig out a first draught at some point and post it on here.
Tim Glasby’s (they spelled his second name wrong by the way) photies were brilliant, he sat and waited for the sun to be where he wanted it to be instead of running around daft like me looking for the best view. Professionals eh?
I’m proud of it though, a heating engineer getting something like eight pages in a magazine to tell a wee story about his way of going into the mountains? That’s pretty cool.
There was a bunch of other stuff, gear bits and pieces and that, but the funniest one in that issue was the subscription offer pages. It’s a lovely shot by Tim with a giant copy of Trail pasted across me standing by the lochside. Quite right too, weatherbeaten old bastard that I am.
I’ve had a few routes in the mag now, I’m not sure where we are, but I think the Lurg Mhor one is in the current or last issue, and it gives the details and info of the route I took a few months back. See, I do actually know what I’m doing out there. Well, I look it up once I’m back of course. Ben Lomond “roon the back” is out about now and them we’re onto a bunch of other stuff. I’ve got routes running through to next August and I have to be honest, I enjoy that more than doing the column. It’s being oot, and if you look at the photies, the bloke in there is wearing trail shoes. That’s what we need.
My Used & Abused reviews are ongoing too, I’ve got a huge list I’m working through and as reviews go, these are good ones. Every item has been properly thrashed by the writer.

I got a purple woolly bunnet yesterday as well. It’s really nice, but I’m kinda worried that it’ll shrink in the wash.
Ach well, you can’t have it all.

13 thoughts on “This, that, the next thing and the thing after that too.”

  1. “Happier now” – that’s just spending time with the little one! I’m with you all the way on babyccino etc. My two have also taken to gear shopping with Daddy in a big way.

    You have also made me think I may need to start looking at Trail again ;-)

  2. Ach, Trail’s fine, I enjoy being a contributor.
    In no way does I mean I think that they’re right with any of their new fangled ideas about wearing boots and such :o)

    Holly did glaze over in the bike shop when dad couldn’t decide whether he wanted a black or silver seatclamp, she much much prefers the big Tiso with the waterfall and cafe!

  3. I strongly recommend the “Lower Back Stretches” (among others) in the “Stretching” book by Bob Anderson – this kept me rowing into my 50’s (whereupon my shoulder gave out). I’ve given a lot of copies as gifts to weekend-warrior friends. Read the initial material first…he’s very thorough. Don’t know if you can find it over there, but should be available online.

  4. Cheers, I’ll check it out.

    I’m feeling good today, maybe at bit nervous at a full return to work tomorrow, but I’m sure all will be well.

  5. Editors can be b*st*rds – in print or tv. They can edit you so you look brilliant or stupid. Glad you’re becoming part of the Trail furniture anyway. And that you’re back’s getting better.

  6. We were talking about rollers, massage and alsorts for the Saturday night. Weather, breakfast, a good nights sleep before, all obstacles to trip on.
    Mind you, they’ve been told: Mission abjective one is to finish, objective number two is to look after the old guy.

    I’ve been pretty well edited at my time in Trail Kate, any deficiences in the big article are down to me. The only one that mildly annoyed me previously was “zero” being replaced by “nowt” in a monthly column. I’ve never said “nowt” in my life.
    It’s funny that I don’t feel that possessive about it, it’s like fitting pipes in a way. The customer asks for something, you give them it and once you’re away home they can take the radiator back off the wall if they like.
    I don’t know if that’s because I’m just an occasional freelancer as opposed to a career writer? It could be that Trail are usually fine at handling the somewhat inscrutable text I send them. We’ll see what happens when I’m doing stuff elsewhere I suppose.

  7. I tend to feel possessive about most of what I’ve written, except a small book for a publisher that bought out the copyright and was written to a heavily prescribed structure – that’s a bit different, maybe more like fitting pipes! TV stuff comes in that category too, and just as well given the way they edit it!!

  8. Aye see, I just haven’t done enough yet to have had bad experiences to see how it all works, probably never will.
    I think having this place as a free voice is a factor in my carefree approach as well.

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