This Ming is a psycho

Six miles to go and my odometer will read 100,000 miles. The danger area is me watching for it happening and instigating a face to arse interaction between myself and a bus.
Still be better than taking a traffic light home, intertwined as it was in the lengths of pipe on the gantry of the truck.

I went to see a little leak today. The littleness was imagined, assumed, perhaps even desired, but despite much investigation, turning of valves and shining of headtorches down ducts, the leak is mighty. I haven’t seen it yet, but I can hear it when I put my head down a duct, and through the wisps of steam I can see the water flowing into, and flooding, the boilerhouse 50 feet away. This evidence portrays a perfect picture of mighty.
Unfortunately the leak is maybe six feet in from the nearest hatch in a duct cast in the 50’s in reinforced concrete, capped with corrugated iron, more reinforced concrete and a hard cement screed to smooth it off on top. Then a public-area specific hardwearing carpet expertly glued on top of that.
I had to then explain then that no we couldn’t just cut a wee hole and fix the leak, we (they actually, builders have been called) had to to take up a whole section of floor, and possibly as much as 50ft of floor to strip out this old pipework, rendering the building unusable for a couple of weeks as it’s the main passageway.

We’ll see what happens next week when the floor gets opened up. Now here’s the funny thing, there’s no one to blame for this. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t frost damage, it’s just not likely where the leak is. It wasn’t the original installers cutting corners, it’s all very well done, and it wasn’t something they building owners could have avoided by taking any reasonable or affordable steps. It’s the passage of time that has weakened something to the point where it’s failed.
The customer said “Okay, what now”.
How cool is that? I’m often used to clients immediately seeking a scapegoat, a person to blame, or just something, anything to pin it on to either get the money to fix it or to shine a light onto so attention is diverted away from themselves and their own responsibilites.

There is hope for us after all.

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  1. Aha. Well, I did it in similar conditions a few years back and I remember thinking the drop on the left was ‘interesting’… Must have stuck in my mind… Great shot!

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