This is the age of the train

I always feel conspicuous on foot on the Erskine Bridge, and tonight after a late night at work was no different.
Wandering up it after parking at the north end to take a photie or two with a camera and a tripod, I’m sure to the passing motorists who are braking from 80 to under 40 for the corners, because as we all know stupids can only drive fast in a straight line, I look like a sniper setting up to take a potshot at De Gaulle.

Anyway, the expected skies of volcanic wonder are no different to the skies of non-volcanic wonder we’ve been getting on the west coast already. There’s just no vapour trails crossing it.

16 thoughts on “This is the age of the train”

  1. No vapour trails is a grand sight to behold. Anyway, bag packed and alarm set for 4.30am, Crib Goch and the Horseshoe tomorrow… hopefully under clear skies.

  2. Hope you’re having a good trip Chewy!

    I just missed a very golden sun slipping behind those clouds Ange, but I kinda liked the peach fuzz that it left behind.
    That’s Dumbarton Rock in the middle by the way.

  3. Aye I remember that rock! You do stay in a lovely locality.
    Blog post and photies will be up soon. It’s been a while since I wrote one of these kinda posts. :o)

  4. A light dusting only I think coops!

    It’s no’ bad Ange, half way between Glasgow and the mountains is very handy at times.
    Get writing there!

  5. Writing done! finished. The actual writing is a bit rubbish but. I’ve not written a trip report for a while!!!…

  6. Can’t beat a photie of the Castle.
    Ange’s write up is excellent , it’s hard enough walking up to the quarry never mind cycling , I always enjoy the view from that top gate .

  7. It’s a great spot, a few paces and the road and buildings are all gone.
    That last climb really is a bugger on the bike.

  8. I think this blogging lark seems to be catching on here Pete. Digressing slightly are you likely to be getting your hands on the Mountain Equipment Firefox jacket any time soon for testing, as it looks like it could be a winner.

  9. I’d like to have some Mountain Equipment kit in for test coops, but they refuse to speak to me, always have done. Even back when I was doing my Trail column and researching weights or specifications they’re the only brand that wouldn’t give me any info whatsoever.

    But, the Firefox looks interesting, I like the look of their bivy bags, I’ve used the Xero sleeping bags too. There’s good stuff in there.

  10. Well thats a bummer then mate i am surprised they are like that as they are no different than a lot of companies you deal with both in size and similar stuff they do.

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