20 thoughts on “This guy crossed the line and didn’t even blink”

  1. And just think – you’ll be far healthier than me with my grey Lexan one!

    I rather fear it might clash with my purple Sigg though (if that matters).

  2. Aye, the Lexan versus Tritan thing. Nalgene’s wallet must have taken a pounding when all that kicked off.

    I think it’s tonally complementay to the Prism Violet Sigg :o)

  3. Three cheers for the Nalgene bottle! They may not be that light but try putting a hot cup of tea in a Platypus bottle. Or pissing in one for that matter…

  4. And SIS Go powder etc. fits in without fuss…

    …just don’t mix them with the latter above, it doesn’t work very well (or so I’m told) ;-)

  5. Cheers Holdfast, I’d previously been reluctant to raise the topic, but on the piss-bottle stakes, does anyone know of a UK stockist for the new Nalgene Flexible Canteen? This wide mouth Platypus-style bottle looks ideal for the purpose in 16,32,48 & 96oz capacities, depending on the state of your prostate.
    My current large Nalgene rigid bottle is frustrating my attempts to downsize to a much smaller summer pack & it doesn’t look very cool strapped to the outside of the pack (er, the bottle, that is).

  6. The only place I have ever seen them on this side of the Pond was on backpackinglight.co.uk quite a while back. Not a great help I know, but if you nag Bob and Rose enough they may get some more in. I nearly got some to replace my Platypus ‘bottles’, but went back to rigid bottles for everything as I was sick of the flexible ones springing leaks after only moderate use.

  7. Thanks for that More-On. I’ll collar Bob at the Backpackers Club lightweight gear show on Saturday week & see what the chances are. Some US reviews on Nalgene flexibles suggest they’re prone to split around the “shoulder” where the flexible material joins the neck. Others rate them very highly & I note they feature in some of Chris Townsend’s recent photos.
    I generally take US opinions on gear with a liberal pinch of salt as their requirements & conditions often seem very different to ours in the UK. It all depends on usage, I suppose. I’ve had no leaks with Platypus stuff so will probably risk the Nalgene version for its wide neck (ahem!) but in view of the proposed contents, it’ll only get one chance to leak!

  8. Thinkgreysky – I couldn’t track down the Nalgene Widemouth Flexibles this side of the Atlantic at all. Let’s hope someone stocks them soon.

  9. Do report back – I’m not able to attend the BC do.

    I think my Platypus bottles have all given up the ghost through the old age of the plastic film. They have all been replaced without a problem by First Ascent, but that won’t be much comfort to you if you spring a leak one night. I cannot comment on the new type of film though – it may be tougher.

    Anyway, I hope you find a suitable solution. I’m sticking with my cheap square profile Lexan bottle from F&T – no danger of mistaking the contents that way ;-)

  10. Will report back. Last years gear show was good. Had chance to handle stuff only available on line (& buy it cheaper!) Highly recommended if you can get there & it’s open to anyone. Won’t be at AGM as my membership has lapsed – found it a bit too “social” & not what I was after, but have met some of the members in my wanderings & most seem good folk. Don’t see an Exped Foods stand this year: shame as they were trying to import dehydrated red wine sachets(a bit rough but lightweight & most acceptable in a bothy/tent) & I wanted a progress report. Last year Customs hadn’t decided what duty to impose, so they couldn’t sell it. Members camp area & the manufacturers tent exhibition are worth a look for the latest stuff(Big Agnes are there this year).
    Unless anyone has any other ideas it looks like I’ll just have to downsize on a rigid summer piss-bottle. I don’t mind the occasional night-time trip outside in summer & it only becomes an issue on occasional trips to formal sites for a shower, etc. (I say this after sneaking out naked for a quick pre-dawn piss only to open my eyes to see people wandering about. I’d overslept was actually a very quiet & gloomy 8.30 am. People get arrested for that!

  11. Nalgene has always been a safe bet for a pee bottle. It’s conveniece and an instant hot water bottle for your feet…

    I’ve had the above bottle in Glen Affric for a couple of days, and the Tritan seems to have no impact on the water taste, it’s tough (I sent it clattering down some rocks), it’s leakproof and easy to fill with snow which a flexi bottle isn’t so good at. It fits in the Villain’s hip bottle pocket fine.
    Good kit, and easily had from the US via ebay in a variety of colours :o)

  12. Mine is my pee bottle too! Nicky keeps having a go a me as its still outside waiting for a blast of kettle water to clean it out from a wild camp a fortnight ago! Was thinking few weeks back should I swap for a smaller one but I seem to go way past half way so that may not be a good idea. Always find the loop on the lid useful as means I can hang it on the outside of my rucky. :-)

  13. Aye, the contents of that bottle will have separated out into its constituent elements.
    You may well have created a new form of life in there.

  14. Never mind new life-forms, he’ll get arrested for developing biological weapons.
    I use a Source flatty, but there’s a certain advantage to using a coloured plastic bottle, esp. if you’re hanging it on the outside of your rucky!

  15. Good to see the Nalgene site back up Mark, I tried a few times recently and it was down and “under revision”.
    I hope their current lack of availability is just part of the transition to the new materials and not a symptom of the retailers shying away from stocking them because of the BPA hysteria.

  16. Thanks Mark: Looks like I’ll need to settle for old hdpe Nalgene in 32oz/1 Litre which may be slightly larger than I wanted for summer but will pay dividends when the midges are out.
    The upside is that the hdpe ones are cheaper & lighter than the equivalent rigid Lexan/Tritan ones & are also slightly squashable. I know the hdpe gives a plastic taste to the contents but if things ever got that bad I’d be past caring! And I’ve tracked a supplier down who holds stock.
    Metric Kate:I’d discounted the wide-neck Source flexibles as, despite those dubious advantages, they don’t appear to be freestanding when part full & I didn’t fancy the juggling act in a dark Laser comp. I can only assume you have at least 3 arms?

  17. I do have slightly more in the arm department than average, thinkgreysky, but the key thing is that I’m a woman, so I can multitask ;-)
    I use a standard bottle when car-camping; it’s just the Source thingy takes up a lot less room.

  18. Ouch! Just like talking to the missus. I have genuine respect for your juggling abilities but please explain: what is this “car-camping” you refer to?

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