Third time lucky

I’m going back to er, Glen Affric. The route in there that I was supposed to be writing up for the next (or is it the one after?) issue of Trail got replaced by something else I’ve done. It turns out that taking lots of photies and having a HiFi memory is an arse saver. The route that went in is a cracker, a wee bit of accessible wilderness.
And so Glen Affric, Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan, again. But, the stakes are higher this time and if it goes on its tits it’ll be very cross indeed.
Truth be told, as well as taking a different way into the hill to write up as a Trail Route later in the year, I’m going in with a proper photographer and what we come back with will be the basis of a feature that I’m writing.
I’m both excited and somewhat apprehensive about this, there’s equal chances of me coming out with something good and cocking it up, costing folk time and money for little return. I quite like that pressure though, it’s a little bit of motivation knocking at the door with consequence hidden in its coat pocket.
We’ve got a 10 day window of opportunity to get the two-day trip done, and I like those odds, a plan with “Aye, it’ll be fine, we’ve plenty time…” printed across its dust-jacket. I feel for the photographer though, he lives 270 miles further south than me, the boy’s going to be ruined with the travelling and the 45kg of camera gear on his back.
I’m looking forward to the trip on it’s own merits, it’s a brilliant route in stunning country and I feel like I owe that hill something for not appreciating it enough the last time(s). I’ll be taking my own photies as well and writing all my usual bollocks on here no doubt, the other stuff? Time will tell.

16 thoughts on “Third time lucky”

  1. What route are you taking?

    I’ve always fancied trying Chrysanthemum from the west, via the path that goes up to the top of the Falls of Glomach, traversing a whack of the ridge and coming back over the Bealach an Sgairne (spelling?).

    I’ve done various parts of the routes on different trips, so I reckon it would ‘go’.

  2. Do you want to go to the hills to take pictures – or to be there? Whatever the reason have fun despite the deadline imposed by Trail.

  3. Or go into the hills to take pictures to show other people what fun they can have there too?
    Good luck with the weather!

  4. E. All of the above!

    The route is from the west, a big circle of about 42km I think?
    I’m going for fun and inspiration, the photies are someone else’s worry (my route write-up deadline is months away).
    I really can’t wait to get back on that hill, clamber along that ridge between the west top and the summit and head north to Mullach na Dheiragain for the first time. I’m looking forward to revisiting the track that took me into the cloud from Alltbeithe. There’s something about the freshness of my memories is firing me up, it’s like seeing a brillinat movie again, but this time there won’t be a noisy bunch of bastards in the back row that I nearly get into a fight with. It’s just me and a packet of Revels.
    I’m really excited about going, going here in fact…


  5. That is the point I was aiming at “I’m really excited about going, going here in fact…” Joy of the hills first and lets hope the camera man captures that :)

  6. Ach aye, I’m sure it’ll go well.
    It’s funny, although having to write stuff up for a deadline, on the face of it looks constrictive, it’s also giving me a little nudge to do stuff that I’ve been been slow to tackle.
    I’ve got another stunner to a remote set of peaks I have to do early next month and I keep pulling the maps out and planning route options with endless cuppas.
    It’s all good :o)

  7. Living were you do I would do the same :) Scotland for a week for me starting Saturday. Route done, kit checked, train ticket bought. Just the doing bit next. Take care and have a good walk on that “remote set of peaks”…sounds like a mini epic in the making.

  8. Aye, when’s Cyprus?
    We’ll try and work the June thing around that, you cannae miss that.
    We should all go in fact!

  9. Talking across you there Martin, have a great trip! I’ll away and check up over at yours to see where you’re off to…

  10. Pete – I love the irony of you going “lightweight” around Glen Affric followed by a photographer lugging 45kg of camera gear!

  11. Aye!
    TI think the only issue will be that horrendous ascent up the SW slopes of Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan, I do not fancy that with a snappers pack at all.

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