They Theory

I have have been the bass player in They Theory for a wee while now. It went from a jam with an old pal to recording a live EP in 666 seconds.
We’ve played a couple of gigs which were a lot of fun, maybe especially the second one at the Flying Duck in Glasgow. The seconds of silence before the applause broke out showed me that it’s actually still possible to stun an audience in the space year 2023.

I’m loving playing the bass, I play it like I play the guitar, with more bravado and optimism than talent, but also with fuzz and a wah pedal. I’m getting better too. I played the whole set with a pick when I joined, I now play finger style unless the tone of the songs calls for that sharper pick attack. 54 and still learning.
My proudest bass moment so far was at the soundcheck for our gig at the 13th Note in Glasgow where my first note had the other assembled band members and staff diving for cover like someone had shouted “grenade”. The soundman said “oof”.

Lovely people, great times, the biggest of noises. Yes please.

Here’s Dream Flight, live at the T Room.

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