These words he speaks are true, we’re all humanary stew, if we don’t pledge allegiance to: The Black Widow

That’s as maybe, but while the entire UK outdoor industry is at Friedrichshafen this this weekend it’s a good time to get down to your local independant retailers and fire off some special orders, send that email off asking for information about spares on that five year old Frotsotron, request catalogues, send letters to those magazines and the like thereof.

As they’re working through the backlog next week, we can rest easy in the knowledge that we’ve helped to restore their karma. Or something.

6 thoughts on “These words he speaks are true, we’re all humanary stew, if we don’t pledge allegiance to: The Black Widow”

  1. Jealous? Surely not, they filter through all the crap, and then you just get all the really nice stuff! You take some cracking pictures, out of interest what camera do you have, comments about batteries dying makes me think its what my chinese office buddy calls an “idiot camera”, but it clearly does not stop you form getting some fantastic pics!

  2. Aye, it’s a point and click Nikon Coolpix 5200 (I only know because it’s sitting in front of me).
    I really will get a proper camera at some point, honest. I’ve been looking for months but I just get bewildered at all the options and tune out.

    I should have gone to Friedrichshafen, but I had proper work to do so my plans got canned. Not bitter, not jealous, not at all…

  3. Just imagine the weight gain! Also carrying options become…far from ideal.

    Looking at all your pictures makes me think I don’t need to lug a massive hunk of consumer electronics around with me everywhere I go. There are some really good compacts out there that give you total control as you’d get from a SLR, its all about if you can do with not being able to change lenses IMO.

  4. I don’t think I’ll go for an SLR, I just can’t be arsed with it.
    A wide angle compact is where I’ll probably go.

    Eventually :o)

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