There’s someone at the door.

We were out of time, I had four minutes to sing a six minute song so we skipped the intro and I went for a take. I screamed so hard on the third verse that everything went black and white and I got the loading screen in front of my eyes. The stars cleared enough for me me to get the last chorus before I sat down and bobbed gently on the tide.
We had an hour and fifteen minutes to record the whole song where we eventually went back and used take 1 on the drums and then I had to rattle out the rest of it one take straight after another. Four guitar tracks, one bass and one vocal. I was burst after it and I can’t remember doing any of it, I have no idea what it sounds like or what I played and I’m not sure I want to. Rarely have I felt so out of control while recording as I tried and failed to catch up with my grand and well rehearsed plans for the song.
Maybe there’s enough, maybe we can fix it in the mix, I just don’t know.

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