The tide’s coming in

A better day in the Macfarlane household. Holly’s sleeping soundly and quietly. One eye is still fat, like it belongs on a punch-drunk boxers battered face from a 50’s B Movie (every time I see it I want to do “something” to help it, I hate feeling useless), but it’s not irritating her quite as badly, so she’s been cheery but tired.
I’m glad it’s the weekend. I’ll have to do a bit of work over the two days, but psychologically, it being the weekend feels right after the pile of collapsed scaffolding that I threaded my way through the past few days.
A better day, even the clouds thought so.

6 thoughts on “The tide’s coming in”

  1. Glad she’s feeling better, its murder when you cant do anything to make the pain go away, when they are that age.

  2. Aye, I’m so glad she’s getting back to her crazy wee self.
    I don’t want any of that again for a wee while thanks.

    Sea-Life Centre cure…

    The Girls

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