The Splund

O2 keep phoning me and telling me that I need a new phone, that I’m entitled to one no less. My contact has expired, my phone is hopelessly out of date, I’m out of touch, my life is incomplete, and of course they can save me money.
I’ve had the same mobile number since ’94, it’s a cracker, easy to remember: 077…oh wait, that would be daft wouldn’t it. It was Cellnet in those days, and I’ve just gone with the flow of the changes of company ownership and still they insist they can save me money like I’m a stranger they want to lure into the fold. Why don’t they just piss off and charge me less money instead of all this fannying about.
I do need a new phone, it cuts out during every call, it switches itself off and on, the brown anodising is coming off, but I have very little interest in all this stuff. It’s great having the wee camera with the 2mm lens and it’s nice to be able to read emails with my glasses on the end of my nose, but apps to me is just somewhere it’s difficult to fit a radiator in a church.
So in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure on my “handset” (check me and my jargon) I’ve taken several hundred photies off of it, the most recent of which are up and doon.
It did heehaw, I’ll need to do something more likely to solve my issues soon. Probably. Oh, I hate researching stuff that I don’t like, it’s cameras all over again.

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  1. I’ve dropped out of the handset race finally – having had a windows equipped phone donkeys years ago, the ‘Matrix’ phone etc, I’m now using a basic Nokia that texts and calls. It has a camera of sorts, cost me £20, has a two year warranty, is unbreakable (gets dropped or launched often), weighs nothing and the battery lasts for days.
    So I now pay O2 just £20 a month for 800min and 1000 texts, which is just about right for me. Life is simpler and I have an extra few hundred pounds in my pocket a year from not owning an iPhone or a Galaxy.
    Having email on the run may be handy for certain jobs but it’s just a distraction for me and as for Facebook… don’t even get me started!
    I’m just becominng an old fart I guess.

  2. If you do want a new phone and don’t want all these apps then, just get a cheap Nokia as they’re solid and reliable. As my day job, I work for a company that develops apps for all these different devices, and so I have experience with many different handsets that can run ‘apps’.

    iPhone4=Pretty; works well, but if you drop it then you risk a great big crack in the back of it that costs a fortune to fix.
    Android=Much better price than iPhone4, better built but harder to use.
    Blackberry=Don’t get, but the Blackberry Torch (the new one) seems to be excellent. Can get 4 days of battery life out of it (compared to 1 day for iPhone and Android).

    Battery life is the big downer for these devices.

    I put together an Android app in my own time for giving you your current OS Grid Reference. Its free, just search for Grid Reference in the market place if you’ve got an Android phone.

  3. I have an iphone for work (need it to access emails remotely when I need to – a Blackberry sends you them regardless of whether you want them) and a basic light, robust Nokia for hillwalking.

    Both on Pay as You go, because I realised that I only now spend £15 A YEAR on the iPhone with PAYG rather than £15 a month with acontract.

    I’ve pretty much got the full original £10 top up on the hill phone, so goodness knows when I will need to top it up!

  4. I’m the same. I specifically asked for the simplest Nokia company phone. I didn’t want a Blackberry. I only have it on during working hours and it takes 3 weeks to run down to half power,
    I would recommend the O2 simplicity contracts. You can terminate them at a month’s notice, get a good number of free minutes and NO replacement phone every 12/18 months. That and a cheap basic Nokia phone and you are sorted.

  5. Just get them to send you the phone Pete and ebay it and offset the contract cost with the money you make. My mate does this all the time and manages to barter a cheaper deal too. For me i have a front door for people who want to contact me, lol.

  6. I think it’ll be another Sony Ericsson with a decent camera like a had three phones ago. I keep breaking them, drowning them, freezing them…

  7. Although I’ve always said I just wanted a phone that can just set some reminders… I’ve recently gone for an iPhone 4.

    Brilliant. Rarely been so impressed by a technical gadget. Reading your blog and writing this comment on it in fact!

  8. My iPhone 3gs contract is just about up too and I reckon I’ll be going back to a cheap solid nokia type gizmo with a contract at half the cost too. My iphone is great and I find the smart phones functions on it like email access and gps maps of cities I don’t know very handy, however I’m starting to crave the simpler…and cheaper life.

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