The Shooting of Dan McGrew

I took a road I hadn’t been on in many years last night, a road that through the 70’s and 80’s I’d travelled hundreds of times. Change is always a melancholy thing, memories are always a lucky dip, but if you don’t wince, grin or blink away a tear now and again when you look back then you’ve wasted your life.
The road however bears the intervening years even worse than I do. Traffic calming humps and lumps have their height accentuated by the potholes inbetween them. What kind of stupids fit ambulance shaking barriers to progress when the tarmac all around is breaking up faster than a polar icepack under the onslaught of China/America/Volcanoes/bovine gas/mother nature taking the piss (delete to your preference).
As my anguished tweet said, rip up the sleeping policeman and throw them into the potholes, maybe then we’ll have something approaching a road surface at a level expected in a developed western country where much tax is payed and little gained in return.

See this horseburger thing, I wasn’t overly worried about eating horses, deer without antlers when you think about it, big, fit, fat-free beasties. I was worried about not being told though.
Then I thought about availability, you see fields full of cows, hunners of them, but how many herds of horses do you see in big enough numbers to be ground into burgers and mince for a nation in love with convenience foods? None of course, and as it turned out they’re Romanian horses and the like. Via every other country in Europe.
We got pounded by Europe when Foot and Mouth struck just over ten years ago and our already over-regulated lives got yet more tiers of bureaucracy put in place for us to pay for. Yet, all these dicks on the continent are happily fannying about with food headed for us and of course, we let it in.

I’m raging, this country is run by retards.

Been watching Mountain Men on the History Channel. Now, it’s stretching a premise very thin with this series, aye they’re in the wilds, but there’s a hydro dam, there’s a truck and a road and the like, the only bloke really out there is the trapper and he’s still got all his equipment and a film crew with him.
What’s funny is the gear these folks use every day in conditions that would have many of us hiding under the bed. It really puts into perspective how soft we are with our lame techy kit. 

But on a lighter note, here’s Sgurr Choinnich Mor before it all went wrong.

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