The shoe’s on the other foot

I was taking my occasional scan of the outdoor forums when I spotted something interesting on the LFTO pages, a discussion on shoes versus boots. Nothing new there, but the the lack of animosity from the posters who held different viewpoints took me by surprise.
I remember the fights of the old days, simple fingers-in-ears “No no no” stuff. Why folk feel so challenged simply by seeing the possibility of another way I don’t know, if you need your choices validated by others you were never sure of them in the first place. One of our strengths as a race is the ability to learn and adapt, we’d still be swinging in the trees without that. Or chasing mammoths, although that would be pretty cool. Being proved wrong or being shown another, or maybe a better way is a positive thing. I love it.
For too long the “outdoor establishment”, has been a source of outdated misinformation (try and go lightweight at an ML assessment…) and it’s great to see that through the blogs and forums that real-life postive experience is getting out there and being used as a resource. And you know, it’s a bit like the old days. I’m reading a bunch of old books just now and these guys were making it up as they went along, sharing experiences and learning from each other. Magic.
It’s never about who’s right and who’s wrong, there’s no such thing. It’s about all the options being presented equally with accurate information and letting us as adults decide on which choice to make.
Mind you, when I met Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod in Glen Derry last week, I did think her gold strappy heels were taking the freedom of footwear just a little too far.

15 thoughts on “The shoe’s on the other foot”

  1. To be fair, there’s not that much denim – it’s obviously in an effort to cut down on excessive kit – she should be applauded.

  2. If I guess the film quotes on your header do I win a prize – her phone number for example…? Best War film ever: Where Eagles Dare and the worst Sci-Fi film starring Gary Busey: Predator 2.

    And finally, Connor McLeod of the clan McLeod: Highlander. Bless you PTC, a post on so many levels – perfection.

  3. In the interests of gender equality, I demand a scantily clad, bronzed and muscled male.

  4. Come on then ptc* – haven’t you got another new pair of X-Bionic boxers to model?!! ;O)

  5. Crabduck, I think it’s a zip-off skirt, there’s abig long bit fits on if it gets cold.

    I think so Matt, it’s cetrainly not regulation fit that one.

    Journeyman Traveller, that someone spots some of my references mates me very happy indeed! Welcome in :o)

    Kate, I am toning and bronzing as wee speak… Matt was relieved to hear.

  6. I love trail shoes me ;op

    in all seriousness i do, since i got the salomon xad324372985 or what ever they are called in budgie green my old heavy boots haven’t seen the light of day.

    a couple of wet days in the winter persauded me to invest in some lightweight boots, so i got some salomon cosmic 4ds in a lovely shade of red (on offer too i might add) and they served me well during the snow and endless rain.

    i’ve worn them so much there isn’t much grip left on the sole now so now things have brightened up again (however temporarily it may be) i’ve bought another pair of trail shoes, this time, inov8 roclites, ive not used them in anger yet but they feel comfy, light and have what look to be some nice grippy soles.

    ive also teamed them up with some debris gaiters to stop all that nasty north yorkshire moors heather getting in them like last year ;op.

    i have been pulled up a few times by old beardy types, when ive been out on the hills in my shoes, generally they seem to think its unsafe and anything other than boots just isn’t good enough…each to their own i guess.

  7. you’re not that old…..

    although i do often wonder if its my choice of budgie green shoes and an bright orange tee that attract these odd fellows!

  8. Ooo – I do like your posts with the pretty wallpaper.

    Err – what was it about BTW – I sort of got distracted
    More please

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