The shoe is on the other foot

I wish computers were like they are in the sci-fi world. You know, cramped chambers full of lights that you slide slices of toast made of crystral in and out of titanium toast racks to change things about and restore the force field or disengage the alien entity’s consciousness from the ships brain and save the crew. Or like Tron, but without the religous overtones “Oh, my user…!”, indeed
Nah, it’s all wee pishy rows of letters and symbols that look like Holly’s been bouncing her wee farm animals off of the keyboard or it’s files or functions with really oddly shortened names that make them look like gibberish.
Wee windows that pop up and are really usefull that you can never find again, wee windows that pop up and ask you questions that you must answer without a clue as to what the question is, never mind an answer.
Three Virgin Media guys investigated our suddenly slow internet this evening. The hi-viz vests they wore would be fine in a warehouse, but Holly’s tractor pushing knows nothing of the meaning of PPE and the consequent clash of priorities led to a vist to the park.
I now know how my customers feel when I explain some of the rudimentary functions of whatever I’ve installed or fixed to them, a frown accompanied with “Yeah, yeah, that’s fine”, but inside it’s “Go away, go away, I just want it to work…).
Still, we seem to be faster once more. Thank Jimmy that between all of us, we can fix almost everything.

13 thoughts on “The shoe is on the other foot”

  1. ‘wee windows that pop up and ask you questions that you must answer without a clue as to what the question is’

    Sounds like somebody needs to buy a Mac…, so far the only downside I can see since I bought one, is the lack of mapping software…

  2. You got 3 virgin blokes? Lucky you, I only rated the one last time my digibox died!

  3. Ooh, and talking about sci-fi computers and all – did you get to see the new Star Trek movie?

  4. I had to wait til I got back from Ullapool, despite a suggestion that we drive to Inverness to watch it! But it was well worth the wait.

  5. Leonard Nimoy turned up in the last few minutes of the last episode of something I’d been watching for several months. It was nicely done, his face in shadow and only the voice to give the game away. It should’ve been a surprise, nay, a delight but Sky spoiled it with their “synopsis” a week before. Feckers.

    Ever tried to will knowledge from your brain? I have.

  6. Kate, we shall compare notes imminently!
    Holly has fairly taken to the 70s animated series much to my delight :o)

    Kev, is that Fringe? I didn’t see the trailers, but the first word he spoke from the shadows gave him away.

    Often when confronted by a technical problem I visualise myself having fixed something similar in the past and then follow the same path as “before”, and sometimes it works.
    Experience putting chunks of apparently unrelated knowledge together to make a usable plan maybe?

  7. Fringe, aye. Great program.

    The Star Trek fillum is enjoyable on many levels btw. My beloved, unlike me, was never a fan of the franchise, liked it enormously.

  8. Ah PPE, a topic to make the blood boil.

    I’ve just returned from a site visit to a flat field where the only risk was being crapped on by a bird and I had to wear a hard hat, goggles, hi viz jacket and trousers, boots and gloves (and carry ear defenders) – all because it’s the client’s ‘normal policy’. What has happened to common sense? I wouldn’t mind if I was working some where with risks, but a field!!

    Anyway, let us know if you think the film is good :-)

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