The router of all evil

Joyce couldn’t get in her car. The clicky unlocker garnered no response from the motor, the wee key that pulls out didn’t open the door either. It looked like the battery was flat.

A hot chocolate and chips in the cafe later, the RAC arrived and the bloke in orange says “Aye, I know what it is”. He stuck the key in a wee box and the the car flashed it’s lights and unlocked itself.

It turns out that some wireless routers are interfering with such electronic devices as Renault car keys, as well as other types of motor. So, parking near a building may have this unforseen circumstance. A wee widget once fitted should prevent a re-occurence though.

I must remember not to put my head between the router and laptop again.

2 thoughts on “The router of all evil”

  1. Aye,

    That cat I met with the mohawk at yon wedding I was at in NI the other month went on a huge rant about the deadly wireless router and its signals of death.

    I told him if he trained hard, he’d become immune – like me. That’ the problem. Cars don’t do enough high intensity exercise.

  2. Hmm, bits of them do. I’m sure their resting heart rate is pretty high.

    I tell you, it’s lucky I had Holly with me at home.

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