The Poseidon Adventure

I said to Holly that the next time I was heading down to the beach to catch the sunset she could come along, so when it was looking like it might be nice  about 4 today on went her boots and furry hat as we rushed down to the icy harbour.
It was nice, the sun was a fine deep yellow, but with no clouds to burn it’s flames just fizzled out. Much better was the exploring, Holly peered hard into the little rock pools to steal a glimpse of the crabs that I’d assured her were there (they are sometimes, just not today) but when that came to nothing, as did the search for larger creatures at the waters edge, including variously an octopus and an otter she decided to just round around in circles in the muddy sand. “I’m making dinosaur footprints” she explained “And the people will think it was a Terrodaktol!”

3 thoughts on “The Poseidon Adventure”

  1. That looks like a lovely family trip, you gouylook grret with all those colours. In the UK we’d all be in black!

    The ear-flap hats are great, Holly wear’s her without complaint which is a rarity :o)

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