The North Face Zephyrus, Quick Look

Just in for test is the Zephyrus from The North Face.
This is entering a major battle zone as several manufacturers are bringing out similar models this year. Fit and detail will mark out the winner, so what have we got here?
278g for this size large, the fill is 40g Primaloft One, the shell is 40g/m² nylon which places it inbetween Quantum and Microlight on the Pertexometer. The cut on this size large layers well, I got in on over a softshell and waterproof combo and I got the neck zip done up too.
Arm and body length are good, the collar is medium height, and the chest pocket is huge (that’s an Inov8 water bottle I’m pulling out very naturally below), the whole thing packs into the pocket as you’d expect.

It’s early days, but it feels warm on, I’ll check that out at a high camp along with the DWR on that outer fabric at some point no doubt.
One thing just occurred to me as I poke at it sitting here, it’s not in the least bit shiny. That will seal the deal for some folk you know.

More later.

15 thoughts on “The North Face Zephyrus, Quick Look”

  1. In that shade it looks a lot like a padded, pocketed version of my Featherlight smock – I think it would still be a bit too hot for me whilst moving but it’s nice to see TNF are bringing out some decent gear.

  2. How did you find the Berghaus gear in the end? I’ve been well pleased with the Temperence this winter, it’s held up to winter skills, heavy sacks, scrambling etc far better than I expected. I must admit the lady loves TNF but I tend to just ignore them… which is a LOT unfair, it’s just a matter of having a good look through their huge range and finding what’s suitable for british hills.

  3. I’ll do updates on the Berghaus kit in a wee while, it’s been enlightening, a brand of two faces indeed. There’s the good technical kit and the “sell lots of this” kit, so lots to say.

    Same for TNF, the Zephyrus here is proper hill gear, no compromise at all.
    That kinda stuff’s in their range, but you have to find it in the shops!

  4. Sounds like a great jacket – my local gearpusher should have one for me to try tomorrow. Hope it will work as a spring/autumn jacket that I will fit into my rucksack when running home from work etc.

    Thank you for a great site btw. Nice information!

  5. “gearpusher” I like that!

    It does pack down very well, I had it in a tiny running sack with the Heathen shell and some other bits and pieces.

    Cheers and hello!

  6. Hehe ;)
    They only got it in large today and I thought it was a bit too big so waiting for a size medium to try also. It is too expensive without being sure I think…

    What other products would you recommend like it?

  7. Haglofs LIM Barrier Pullon is the best alternative, but they’ll be getting difficult to find.
    Rab and Berghaus do similar models as well, and the sizing all varies. It’d always easier when you know if a brand is likely to fit you or not, that’s what internet shopping is all about!

  8. The medium fits me well over a t-shirt, and the large is great over another couple of layers. I couild do with one of each size for summer and winter!

    Let us know how you get on.

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  10. Hey again.
    Just wanted to let you know that it did fit me nicely in a medium.
    What a great jacket! It is light and fits right into my backpack for running.

    I think I’ll really enjoy it. But will have to give it a few weeks to try it out in the real world :D

  11. Tricky one as they’re so different. I’ve used both quite a lot, the Prism has the hood and pockets, the Zephyrus is a bit warmer and it’s nice and simple.
    No winner!

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