The North Face Hybrid Base layers

You know the cooler seasons are on the horizon when leggings turn up for test. Coming soon fropm The North Face (no proper link yet) are their new Hybrid baselayers.

Now I know what you’re thinking: X-Bionic. Yes indeed, and this is a good thing, it means that the concept is judged a good one if it’s being adopted by other manufacturers, and also that with a few brands pursuing it we should be able to look forward to increased development.
So, long-sleeve zip neck and long leggings, and the Hybrid range is billed as suited to cool and cold weather. Certainly the long legs, sleeves and torso are going to give good coverage without gaps, the neck has a decent height too, goo for layering up without too many zips snagging my beard.
Pulling these on they’re simultaneously slim fitting and soft, something we’ve been getting used to, but a few years back, slim fit was often restrictive so I’m still enjoying the new sensation okay?
The AKTIV fabric promises moisture management and some insulation for cold weather activities. There are several different zones to suit your hot spots or your stretchy zones. Seams are minimal, the torso has a one-piece construction, the cuffs and hem are wide and soft and the waist band is wide elastic which shouldn’t tattoo my midriff.

They feel good, look the part, and and I’ll be taking them out just as soon as it’s cold enough, but I’ll get the top out and about soon.

4 thoughts on “The North Face Hybrid Base layers”

  1. I love all these baselayers and they are great in the winter and when its colder but after a few times on, even after washing the all seem to retain some of, how shall I put it BO. Not very pleasant. Hopefully this lot of X-Bonic gear will solve the problem. Fingers crossed.Look forward to reading your review.

  2. The bog standard North Face baselayers (m & f) are all going cheap again for anyone interested, in the latest Cotswold Outdoor sale online, as are a lot of Rab jackets – at least 1/3 off – again male & female

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