The next big thing

Had lunch with Bobinson, and when a wave of coincidence washed up the stairs, over the table and went away out to sea again, it left a surprised Bigbananafeet sitting at there as well. See, that’s Tiso’s cafe for you.
Anyway, there was cuppas, tasty food and cake scattered around the edges of the two newly purchased OS Explorer Maps that we were examining in detail.
Peaks had their approaches and escapes sketched out, calenders were scanned and options assessed. When it’s two or three days away you have to plan a wee bit I suppose.
I’m quite excited about it all, some of the hills are flat chocolate Revels (or “Counters” if you’re over 30). They’re the best ones and I like saving them ’til last. Well, at least ’til the end of the movie.

6 thoughts on “The next big thing”

  1. I save the flat chocolate revels til last too. And I eat the rabbit-dropping ones first.

  2. I was reasonably content with the coffee ones anyway. Though I do miss the coconut ones.

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