The next bandwagon will be leaving town in five minutes.

That will kill you, and if it doesn’t this certainly will” You do get immune to the constant health scare misery-go-round, sensible choices in life would seem to be the way forward through the sea of bullshit. It’s like driving, you can either look at the speedometer all the time and make sure you’re glued to 30 or you can watch the traffic and keep and eye out for suicidal pedestrians while flicking your eyes down to the speedo now and again.
The latest is that every material you can make a water bottle out of is deadly, deadly I say, except stainless steel. Okay, the BPA scare had some substance it seems, and polycarbonate is barred in this household, even down to old dented pre-August 2008 (when the lining went polyester) Sigg bottles which it turns out have trace amounts of BPA in the lining. Holly uses them on picnics, so I’m taking no chances.
The polyester-based materials now used in bottles from Nalgene and Camelbak is fine, still no taste from the material in your drink which is great, although I think they are more easily damaged. But the lingering aura around plastic has had an effect, Camelbak producing their 750ml Better Bottle is stainless steel for example.

So, reacting with the speed of a change in fickle public opinion, various brands have thrown their lot into the stainless steel bucket and you can now get pretty much any shape, colour or capacity of stainless steel bottle you want. The quality will vary dramatically, from the finishing down to the steel itself. Stainless steel does rust, and if it’s a cheapo mix their beating the bottles out of there’ll be tears when you look into your bottle and see brown speckles.
Sigg have a few models in Stainless, and they do it well as you’d expect, they also have them made in the far east like everyone else.
One common design you’ll see is the Klean Kanteen one below, there’s a few folk out there using the same mold, including the UK’s One Green Bottle.
I have to say they’re a lovely bit of kit, great shape, nice feel in the hand and that wide top is great for drinking and filling from a flowing water source in the field. The colours they have absolutely rock as well.
The bumff that comes with them is all chest beating bollocks though, “Our bottles will save both you and the planet”, my arse. It’s still a mass produced product being shipped around the world burning resources, their hygiene claims are slightly annoying as well. The top edge is rolled to make that nice rounded lip to drink from, but also creating a deep crease that could be a breeding ground for horror if it’s not actively kept clean. Sigg’s machined insert is better.

I am overjoyed that the ripples through the market have brought us some brilliant new gear, these Klean Kanteens are my new best pals, but all the regular names caught up immediately and all the materials or coatings are really fighting on a level playing field.
Don’t believe the hype, the adverts or the bumff. Do what I do, get your favourite colours and keep watching the traffic. 

43 thoughts on “The next bandwagon will be leaving town in five minutes.”

  1. I’ll keep using PET bottles that various companies use to sell what’s essentially tap water. Just doing my bit, saving the planet (and money), the downside is that I’ll probably die eventually, hopefully not run over by an out of control Bandwagon though.

  2. See, that’s the right way to do it, re-use the bottles.

    Bottled water is a horrendoius squandering of resources and energy, shipping water in a bottle to sell in a country that has plenty water? Insane. Vancouver bringing in the ban is a genius move.

    If it wasn’t for the bandwagons I’d never get any purple accessories :o)

  3. Who’d have thought you could sell bottled water in Scotland and Ireland of all places!!!

    The 750ml Lucozade Sport bottles are pretty good, unfortunately they’re only Orange initially.

  4. Nothing wrong with that :o)

    I miss the days when Lucozade was medicinal you know. I liked the fancy cover that was on the big bottle. Bloody hell I’m showing my age…

  5. I remember that cover – it was really space-like. Unfortunately I’m allergic to ordinary Lucozade. The sports stuff’s ok though.
    I don’t care if my waterbottle is harmful to my health – I don’t drink or smoke, I’ve got to ingest something harmful or I’ll live to 120 and be miserable for 40 years.

  6. Have you just changed the design? Font’s too small and there’s not enough contrast between the background and the text :-(

  7. I remember those Lucozade bottles with the orange cellophane that made a cool rustling noise when you opened it. I liked it but now Lucozade seems to make me a bit hyper!!

    But never mind that… NEW LAYOUT!! Cool. :o)

  8. Yes, yes, I know the writing’s too wee :o) All will be well…
    Truth be told, I was messing with this new look late last night and forgot I’d left it live.
    f I can fix it, I think I’ll leave it up.

    Lucozade only makes you hyper when you’re over 30 you know.

  9. :o)
    ha and that would be right then cos i am over 30.
    I’m away to tell my mum about that picture of the bottle with the cellophane see if she remembers it…

  10. I worked with that other theme when I came home. Bigger and brighter text, tweaks here and there, but you know, it was still just a little dry.
    This does feel like home.

    But it’s not forever.

    Ange, she’ll remember the squeak as you unwrapped it.

  11. Aye.. she remembers it, and the squeak.
    Isn’t it great looking back to stuff from the olden days.
    Yes this does feel like home but change is good too. The new place will soon feel like home.

  12. Less of the ‘olden days’ please. The 20/20 cricket match we went to last night had a 70s theme, I was expecting Summer Loving, to be reminded of my first snog at the French Exchange Disco in Bayeux in ’79. Sadly they didn’t play it :-(

  13. A relationship started on the French Exchange, forged on the Sealink ferry from Cherbourg back to Weymouth, that lasted til about half-way through the Upper 6th. He wasn’t French – I was never going to be *that* predictable!

  14. Summer Loving’s lyrics are like a box of ammunition for this stuff.

    Did you get friendly, down in the sand?

    I have to go and hear this on Youtube or I’ll be singing it all night.

  15. “Did you get friendly, down in the sand?”
    I’m not talking about that on a public forum!!

  16. Ok I don’t want to be the moaner but… the pure white text against the black is no good for my bad eyes! Sorry! Other than that I do like the new home. Very fresh. Are you gonna add wee accents of colour somewhere?

  17. Hush now, I’m playing with it.
    I’m not very good at this stuff, so it’s trial and error.

    I don’t like the narrowness, it won’t be staying.

  18. ah i see! the blog fairies will come during the night and sort if for you.
    See the more i look at that bottle of Lucozade the more details I remember. My mum buying it from our wee tiny Chemist who had it sitting on wooden shelves. She only bought it when we were sick – none of this gives you energy for sports rubbish. And then we got a wee tall thin lollypop that was also a whistle/flute type affair, again only sold by the Chemist. Remember them? in fact i think it’s only just clicked that these weren’t in fact sweeties but were probably supposed to be good for kids. (vitamins or something maybe?).

  19. You have just described exactly the same scenario from my childhood.
    The lolipops had vitamin C in them.

    And a kilo of sugar…

  20. We never got the lolly things. But then my mum was a doctor and prolly knew how much sugar was in ’em.

  21. lol! And they hadn’t invented ‘E-numbers’ then either, so sweeties were bright and exciting. Smarties have never been the same since they went ‘healthy’ :-(

  22. Well, after 17 hours of using all my skills as a heating engineer I’ve simplified the header and I can now revolve the colours on that and the post titles an’ that, dead easy.
    I think that’s what I’ll do rather than use that nice but narrow thing from earlier. I got emails you know.

    Purple and WW2 dalek olive :o)
    They’re in the shops in July by the way.

  23. Aye vitamin c.
    Sugar was alright back then too (80’s btw not the 70’s!!) because we played outside every night: skipping, chap door run, peever, roller skates, tennis, bikes, kerby with a ball. None of this Wii rubbish. I never had a telly in my room until i was 19 and bought it myself!

    Talking of bikes, i was out around Mugdock the other night. Fell off and have the most purple bruises and an imprint of a pedal all over my legs. No-one saw though :o)

  24. I had two sugars in my cuppa in the 80’s, and hair down to my waist. I cut down on the sugar and my hair fell out, I think that’s a message for us all.

    Heard about the bike ride. Mmmfff.

  25. Is it? I genuinely can’t tell on the laptop, I’m in blissful ignorance :o)
    However, coming soon we will have alpine red, budgie green, 90’s yellow and of course, “original orange”.

  26. Looks fine now pal. For a minute their you had me thinking it was turning into the LFTO site. Thank F**k it hasn’t, lol

    1. Think of yesterday’s new look as buying new walking shoes.
      I took it home, walked about on the carpet, decided it wasn’t right and took it back to the shop :o)

      And bought a purple Buff.

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