The merest hint of kit.

Gear wasn’t on the agenda as such, but a couple of things are worthy of note.

Joycee’s bimbling along with her Kimmlite (that’s pre-OMM) 22SSL (I think?), great wee pack make in mental pink Pertex fabric. It’s dead light but with all the spot-on features you’d expect like bottle & hipfin p0ckets, low-profile harness and one oddball, and MSC compression panel that’s sewn-in at the bottom. It’s brilliant and should have been used else where. The pack suits shorties like JYC so I’ve never been able to use it. MMffff.
Also there are a Wild Roses Powerstretch jacket, TNF Dhaulagiri II GTX boots and a special edition 2011 Buff, more of which later as JYC must speak upon it. But the condemnation of Silva’s Siju headtorch was instant and absolute, piss weak light and a faulty switch that repeatedly turned itself off just as she stepped into icy patches in pitch darkness.

I had a voyage into the past as I was wearing a proper fleece (the TNF Scythe) for the first time in ages, and you know what, it was nice. Cozy, comfy and oddly cheerful too. It layered well under a shell, stayed dry and it’s perfectly ergonomically formed, no old-school boxiness here.
The grey straps evident below are the all-new coming-soon Berghaus Octans 40 adventure racing pack, and more of that shortly.

Some test kit’s come in that’s going be a talking point, first some Hoka trail shoes. Oh yes. And, a test jacket from Gore-Tex in their new super light and ultra breathable (they say) Active Shell 3-layer waterproof. The jacket it must be said is on the er, basic side, but it’ll be good to see what the fabric’s like.

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